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The old strike sounds for fist and staff melees were better.


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I said it back when the first batch of melee overhaul changes came out and I'll say it again since these never got followed up on despite an official reply, I really hate how "depowered" some of the updated melee sounds are.

Like staves (including blunt weapons like Silva prime), they used to go "BONK, WHUNK, THUNK" and now they're like "ting tink tink plink", like someone's gently tapping a piece of metal with another piece of metal.

And fist/sparring weapons (Ankyros, Furax etc.) used to go "BAM BAM BAM WHAM" and now they're like "plup tup tup pup". Sounds like half-hearted effort in punching a gym mat.

Are these sounds going to receive emphasizement/improved volume of impact with the next batch of melee changes?

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