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(Venting) RNG hates me.


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I have a long and tortured history with the RNG. Today I've just added another chapter.

Sitting on a decent pile of Neo Z3s and R2s, I was just casually waiting for the right Fissure to crack them open. On the final refresh before I either jump in or go to bed, I got one at Armaros, Europa. Good enough. Radiant Z3s first. My plan: drop in up to 12, go to bed whether I get anything or not.

Got the Zhuge Prime Barrel on the 5th relic. Sweet. I looked at the time, and decided to do the R2s for the Ninkondi Prime BP as well, figuring I'll probably get it on the 5th or 6th relic tops, and that will be that for the day.

Instead, it was Forma, Braton Prime Stock and Paris Prime Grip over and over. It even gave me a Rubico Prime BP. The Rare part. I've never been so pissed off to get an Intact Rare drop since last year, when I dropped in 4 Intact Neo R1s for a Hikou Prime BP and got 2 Rhino Prime BPs instead. And all the while I got ever more frustrated with the Juggernaut wasting my time by stopping me from killing things and completing each run more quickly. My setup was too squishy to take it on, but boy was I tempted to switch to my Saryn and hack it to death a few times. By the time I was finished, I was yelling "Hurryupandf***offhurryupandf***offhurryupandf***off" at the monitor. I got the damn part I wanted on the 11th relic.

So, to recap: it took me more than twice as many relics to get something with a 25% chance to drop as it did to get something with a 10% chance, and my plan to drop 10-12 relics and go to bed became a 16-relic exhausting and infuriating grind, all because of the RNG. 25% my arse.

Apologies for the thread. I'm exhausted and still a bit angry from the experience and needed to vent so I can cool off and go to sleep. Reply to this thread or whatever. Goodnight.

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