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Zephyr's fashion frame


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It's awful...nothing properly looks good when you look more like an idiot wearing a chicken costume than a bird 

Tried so many things

Bird, jet

Even her prime can't help 

And her deluxe looks as bland as ever 

My mind was going towards a combat aircraft...something like the F-117A

But every colour just doesn't look good on her 

Can't we get a reskin, or a good metalic aviator skin for zephyr???




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Well this topic is close to heart and I'm afraid I need to fully disagree. 
Even with my uniform taste and biased monotony.

But what I need to thank you for is pushing me into Captura which resulted in some unexpected fun. Might stay here for a while.

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I have to agree with @CxLL on this one. I disagree with your opinion, and I think that some of the options out there are great for Zephyr.

But, and here's the thing, it's all subjective.

If you don't like the fashion out there and you don't think that you can improve Zephyr with it? That's your opinion and not much is going to shift that. We can throw fashion-frame at you all day and you can just say you don't like it, and that will be that.

Sorry that you can't find something to your taste, but if you really, really want to have something for Zephyr you think would work out there is a route: Collaborate with a person who has the skills to create Tennogen (if you can't yourself) and create something you think works. If your submission is good enough, people will buy it, giving you and the artist some money for it, and you get to use your ideal customisation in the game.

As for Zephyr's Deluxe... I'm a little worried about that too.

However, I will put up one particular bit of hope there; the render we've seen is the same form of render that we saw on Ivara's Deluxe, it isn't fully hooked up to the lighting, the metallics are unknown and the emissive effects are also not present (on Ivara, the coloured emmissive effects turned her boring, flat, weirdly shaped preview here:



Into a shiny, metallic rich, fully-fleshed-out skin like this:



So... while I can clearly see that Zephyr's Deluxe does not seem to have progressed at all since 2015, I can also hope that there's a lot of room there for improvement.)

And I can at least be optimistic in that respect.

Basically? We'll see.

Hopefully it will give you that fashion-frame that you crave.

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