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Vox Solaris Progression Snag


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I have been unable to progress in the Vox Solaris syndicate because I have not been able to get a particular item needed to rank up to drop. I am aware of where to obtain it, but through what I can only imagine as awful luck, but this sort of thing should not be determined by RNG if this is the case.
I need 10 atmo systems  10 Calda Toroids, and 250K credits. I am missing 6 atmo systems, and this is the item I am unable to obtain due to RNG.
I think it's even more of a slap in the face that one rank later I am able to purchase them from Little Duck, which makes the fact that I have to give them to Little Duck in order to rank up at all even more confusing and frustrating.
 I have tried repeating the second heist mission over and over again. they simply won't be awarded to me. I have been trying this off and on for months, before finally giving up a while ago.
I've been doing phase 2, because it is the quickest. no matter which mission I pick, atmo systems are always uncommon. The worst part is, that even after I get them to drop once, I'll be missing one. which means I still need to get amo systems to drop 2 times.

Personally I believe in a progress based system for a syndicate, an item that cannot be obtained through any other means besides random chance being required to progress in said system is the worst possible way to handle it. It creates a disparity in effort for a common goal. some people will have more than enough right away, and others, like me, will seemingly never be able to progress at all.

It's not fun, it's lazy game design, and quite frankly I think DE can do better.

It doesn't take a game design expert to figure out a way to either make atmo systems obtainable consistently at this stage (such as making them purchasable at rank 2) or replacing them with something else entirely (like the unique toroid that the profit taker always drops) 

Either way, I think this issue is clear, and unique. no other syndicate has a progression snag like this. even when you are required to sacrifice prime parts, prime parts are tradable. Meanwhile the only way I can currently get atmo systems is through repeating the same handful of missions filled with enemies that bottleneck me into playing a tanky warframe. the sad thing is, these are only uncommon, yet because of the nature of rng, someone has to never obtain them, and that person is me. Other people have told me it's not that bad, because they DID get atmo systems. The only solution to the problem is to keep grinding and hope they drop, unless this changes.

please, for the love of god, make that change happen. RNGrinding for the sake of progress does not belong in warframe.

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On 2019-09-19 at 3:24 PM, (PS4)Quantaminum said:

The RNG for Atmo Systems is broken.

There's been so many threads complaining about this particular resource (but not the others).

Just keep trying. You'll get it eventually. Maybe set a daily/weekly quota for bounties, so you don't get burn out.

At least I'm not alone on this. hopefully this issue is addressed in the future.

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