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Dera Or Soma



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The Dera is terrible against the Grineer and is only truly effective if playing as volt, shooting through the shield.

The Soma is a pain to use at first, but put on a potato and build it for crit. You will drop something with 2000 health in half of a second.

so its what the grakata was supposed to be!

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dera or soma which one better against corpos? grinner etc.

Dera does laser damage and the only time that is useful is on crewmen's heads. Bullet damage scales better than laser for head shots on nearly every NPC in game.



-Soma only has completion from Synapse on corpus.

-Soma can not beat a flux rifle on light infested, but is better on ancients.




-Is good on crewmen.

-is weaker than a braton prime on everything else.

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Actually Soma does more damage to light infested than even the flux rifle, the base dps is closer to 4x with crit mods and shred (*maybe chargers take more from flux due to armor)

The 3x serrated blade damage from the base of flux always hurts the light units where as a Soma only damage that ends up working is AP at 50%. It does out scale simply because the light chargers break at around level 120-140 and only take damage from AP and armor ignoring types.



Yes, true. I calculated it for luls too. these are DPS values vs. light infested which has hyphothetical infinite armor...:


Soma: 1541 dps

Flux: 3053 dps


The amount of armor chargers get is absurd and that is the only reason that flux is worth using over soma past level 100.

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