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Black screen loading loop when invited to friend's dojo


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I'm not sure where this belongs, but since the latest hotfix (27.0.5), when I've been accepting invites to a friend's dojo to do railjack, my game will try to load into his dojo and then it switches to black screen.  Then it tries to load again and black screens.  It gets stuck in this endless loop.  I can't even use alt f4 to close the game.  I have to kill it via task manager. Please fix this.  Thank you.

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This Bug is really annoying! I trade, I seal the deal, I invite to dojo, they black Screen, load, black screen, load 😞


I've lost several trades because of this and I am Sad 😞 😞 

Let me take peoples plat so I can keep it in my inventory forever! >:U

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