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Railjack Looting


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Why doesn't loot share when collected from Crewships, Reactors, etc??? Other players get gypped of any loot that the 1 person gets when invading areas.

There are far more players who want to rush this sht done vs the players who want to collect loot and the rushers fk over the looters every time, 100% guarantee. Example; I'm trying to collect Pustrels, which are, at the moment, the most annoying resource for me to find and with everything requiring at least 3000 each. So, after this mission is done, I'm outside of the Railjack destroying containers and all of a sudden, the host solely decides to return to their Dojo. I'm forced back onto the Railjack, they forget to Refine the resources and I lose a large chunk of resources I could have acquired and very much needed.

I cannot do these missions alone and I am one of the many who has a loner clan. The cost to repair and make these things for the Railjack are outrageous, even for Ghost Clans, so I need to be thorough in my missions, or I would end up going several missions without getting any of the specific resource that I need.

These are MASSIVE areas, so obviously getting all loot available is not possible, but to not get a shred of loot from Crewships or other invade-able areas through other players is just plain wrong. You cannot expect everyone to leave the Railjack just so they can get loot from every invade-able area, especially when you're being attacked relentlessly.

I personally love playing Railjack, but getting gypped of my rewards can really sour that mood towards playing it.

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Loots not being shared really needs to be solved asap, they also need to improve archwing looting mechanics.

But wasting your (and most importantly other players in your team) time while spending hours farming some stupid asteroids around isn't much helping tbh. You get ressources while doing the mission, just start another one - farming materials only is a complete waste of time. No one cares about the amount you need to spend or anything, truth is that the only thing you need in huge amount is intrinsics - You just have to be more patient and get as much intrinsics as you can instead of shooting at rocks in space for 15min.

Just get all you can during a mission and start another one to get even more, simple as that. And try to board stations since you can loot a lot of materials quite easily in there.

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My biggest issue, other than the insta deaths from embarking / disembarking, is picking crap up after the battle.

I can roll into a saturn node, kill off everything in a matter of 5 to 8 minutes, but then it takes me 20 minutes in an archwing to find everything that dropped and pick it up... that's nutty.

  • At the very least every piece of dropped loot should have a light beacon on it.
  • The stuff should show up a long range somehow, I would opt for a camera-based waypoint option that is a toggle, bound to a key we could just press it on and off, that way it wouldn't interfere with our view during battle.
  • The railjack's pilot view is too narrow to see the loot everywhere, to use the railjack to pick up the loot, which stinks since it has a larger pick up range.
  • Lastly, I honestly think the following would fix all of this once and for all;
    • Have all space-ship exterior drops be instantly picked up by everyone.
    • Have all interior drops be looted by 1 player, but goes to everyone.

I know the latter is possible, as that was how the game was originally designed; all loot was simply shared. So forcing the current map-individual client-side pickup loot system, for railjack that is massive in size, is a mistake.

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