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Elytron ideas


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Well with the Railjack the Elytron has gone from mighty to whimpy. So I thought a bit about it.


First off the Avionics that boost nearby Archwings should be Link type similiar to the companion link mods. Then their range boosted by 10x minimum, right now you have to go turret mode by just hovering next to the ship.


The Bloomer 

You fire and if you hit it latches on to explode. Add a lockon feature, hold the 1 key while targetting an enemy and it will take a second to lock on and when fired will follow the target. Once it latches on hit 1 again and it goes boom. With the tanky nature of the enemies the damage should be ramped up.

Core Vent. 

This works... sorta. Sometimes missles will ignore the cloud and slam into you, and I mean if one missle ignores the cloud they all do. This idea is a personal idea. Force shield. It reduces incoming damage by a % similiar to garas shards.


A sphere in which explosions happen. I used this in the viel and the little fighers were taking 5-10 damage and were in and out of the sphere before taking more than a couple hits. Why not change it to a Starfighter death blossom sort of thing. Instead of a hovering sphere with explosions have rockets continually fired at nearby ships within a range dealing different elemental damage.


A powerful warhead with a giant flashy explosion.... needs a Major damage buff to be viable and increased range so it doesn't despawn midchase. Perhaps a lockon mechanic like I mentioned for The Bloomer.

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Direct damage abilities just don't scale. And I know that in theory % HP isn't any different from % armor strip, but it just seems wrong to have a weapon deal damage based on the strength of the enemy. Meanwhile, Elytron needs damage mitigation, CC, debuff, the kinds of things everything needs to survive. On top of all of that, the railjack is always going to have higher DPS than any archwing weapon assuming optimized builds for both, so increasing vulnerability to damage is always going to be more beneficial for any archwing power. 

If I wanted to salvage the existing abilities in some form, I'd do something like this. 

Bloomer: Definitely make it a lock-on homing missile. Give it a little more notional damage than it has, but cause it to proc electric (the new Railjack version) and release up to three tethers to enemies within a small range (say, 50m), dragging them toward the center. You're taking the time to lock on and fire this thing, you need to get something for it, and snagging three or four fighters out of a formation into a neat little ball seems handy.

Core Vent: Definitely convert this into a more serious defense, stopping projectiles in an expanding bubble that stays centered on the archwing and expands to 100m or so over about a second, and throw in a chance at chem or electric proc within 80m, visualized as little lightning bolts connecting with afflicted enemies, with the chance scaled by power strength. In the build, increasing duration increases the range of the bubble, since it's an expanding wave like Polarize with a set travel speed; increasing range increases the range of the initial proc, since it's instant.

Thumper: A single missile that explodes into Macross missile spam. Unlike Bloomer, it does not home, has a very high projectile velocity, and will detonate in a given range if it doesn't strike a target or obstacle first, or with recast. Whatever causes it to detonate, it releases around 20 tiny seeker missiles that chase enemies and explode somewhat randomly in two or three quick pulses each with large effect radii, dealing % armor strip or plasma procs. You'll never get all 20 to actually hit something, let alone land all of their procs; the denser the enemies near the initial detonation, the more effective it'll be, but it'll still be a splattery chaos.  

Warhead: This is where I have to drop the conceit of looking like the existing abilities entirely, and instead rip off Amesha. You and allies within 100m gain +25% damage from weapons and abilities for 10s. Damage taken during this time builds armor Wukong-style with a cap of 1200, but without the invulnerability, which persists with a duration of 30s after the end of the initial buff. Duration scales both the initial buff and the armor duration, power strength scales the armor build rate and cap but not the damage buff. 

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