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Description of controller buttons to press for Pilot maneuvers is not correct


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I run Warframe on a Windows PC but use an XBox One controller connected to my machine via Bluetooth.  Currently my Intrinsic Pilot rank is 5.

On the Intrinsics screen, hover over Piloting and then hit the Details button.  There are 2 issues in the descriptions for how to perform Pilot maneuvers:

(1) For Ranks 1 and 2 the description of how to enter and exit Boost and Vector Maneuver is not correct.  Holding down the Left Stick (LS) on an XBox One controller acts the same as a tap.  Whether you tap or hold the Left Stick (LS), you enter Vector Maneuver.  Tapping or holding the Left Stick (LS) then exits Vector Maneuver.  There is no difference in behavior between a Left Stick (LS) tap or hold.

(2) For Rank 5 the button specified for entering a Drift Maneuver is not correct.  For an XBox One controller the description specifies pressing and holding the Left Stick (LS) to charge and then launch.  However, either pressing or holding the Left Stick (LS) simply toggles you out of your Vector Maneuver (see above).  It does not initiate a Drift Maneuver.  What DOES initiate a Drift Maneuver is double-tapping the controller's Left Button (LB).

Thank you in advance for addressing this issue by editing the Piloting help description to reflect the proper set of controller buttons to press (and how to press them) along with the resulting ship behavior.

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