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Copernics farming?



Is there a meta spot or method for farming Copernics? I'm running some decent gear but I'm starting to stock up on MK2 parts that I want to build, and I even have an MK3 that I picked up looking for Erra. And I have almost everything I need except Copernics. Thousands of them. At least 15k, possibly 25k  if I go for another Shield Generator

And the missions around Earth and Saturn just don't seem to be dropping all that many. I'm lucky if I can pick up a paltry 200 from enemy drops, and the 750 Copernics cache has started avoiding me

Is there a meta for this, like have the devs released their droptables and revealed which nodes have the highest chances for each resource? Or is my best bet to just knuckle down and run a bunch of pubs on my days off work?

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