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How to Fix Conclave 2020


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  1. Slide Melee - Claw, Dual Dagger, and Tonfa slide melee all one shot making conclave a spin to win feast.

  2. Holster Reload Bug - Holster reload will not work under any circumstances.


Highly Recommended Changes 

  1. Hydroid Undetow Hitbox - knockdown, invulnerability and ability to heal in it make it    very annoying ability to deal with. Make it the hitbox to drain the hydroids energy the whole puddle so that people can deal with it instead of having to ignore it till the hydroid comes back out.

  2. Zenith Secondary Firemode - It deal similar damage to a sniper rifle with the fire rate of a semi-auto rifle while being able to shoot through anything. Either lower damage output or lower fire rate.


Ease of Life Changes  

  1. Blade and Whips - Massive range, high damage and knockdown make this type of weapon a pain to deal with. I recommend lowering it damage or range slightly.

  2. Hydroid Passive - Slam can spawn up to three tentacles that deal damage and knockdown. I would like to see less tentacles maybe like one per hydroid considering how large their range is. 
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Ignore that troll above me (message got deleted, ty), I agree with all your changes. You can also add:

-dual swords to one shot melees. 

-Telos boltace's huge ragdoll AoE is also a real issue. 

-Staticor definitely needs to be balanced.

-The 100% melee block is way too strong.

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3 hours ago, (PS4)b4biiface24 said:

They just need more PvP choices.

Bigger maps

More players


Archwing or empyrean that would be cool af

Newer nodes: capture the zone, pve&pvp



Many of the maps we already have are far too big. Derelict Chambers, Compound, Gas Works, and Bunkers come to mind.

At 8 players, conclave is already the largest capacity game mode in Warframe. Any more players than that and we could see some potential strain on DE's engine.

We already have challenges. We've had them since 2016.


How would adding PvE fix conclave?

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