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Pressing the Ability button and the left D-Pad is not bringing up the Tactical Menu


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My configuration is I run Warframe on Windows but use an XBox One controller connected to my machine via Bluetooth.

According to the XBox One Empyrean Update 27.0.5 notes, while in my railjack on a mission I should be able to bring up the Tactical Menu by holding down the Ability key (Right Button by default) and then pressing the left D-Pad.  This does not work.  Nothing happens.  I am, however able to bring up the Tactical Menu by hitting the "L" key on my keyboard.

All other XBox One controller functions appear to work correctly, as mapped out in the customization screen.  I have not changed any of the default settings.

When I check the customization options for my controller the Tactical Menu is not in the list of options so there is no way I can attempt to set or reset this option.


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I unsure if PC have something that Xbox console can do. There are some problems with the use of controllers on PC.

Game Controller, Ability menu and Railjack, missing tactical menu. Can only use tactical menu in general controller.
The in-game controller configuration need improvements. Allow button set to  "none" or blank, or allow 2 different buttons to have the same action, just like keyboards can do it.

PC Steam Controller support: No Railjack, no tactical menu, can only map to legacy button for tactical menu. Steam Warframe controller need updates to Steam controller.

Keyboard: Works fine. Scroll down to Railjack, key bindings, Tactical menu for Railjack is there for keyboard.

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