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Nightwave prestige ( minor extension)


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I get why prestige levels stop ( more or less), but it is still fairly easy to accidentally fail to do the math properly and end up with some currency that you cannot spend, or not realize that you are going to be 5 nitain short... for the next month.

How about the levels 31+ you get a severely reduced amount, say 5/level ( down from 15), just for that tiny bit to get that transmog, or ornament, or of course, nitain.  As it is, if you keep up you can end up with a little extra.  With this you get a tiny bit more, not enough to unbalance the scales, just enough to fix 'oh hey this cosmetic requires 5 nitain?  Guess I have to wait a month..'.


I haven't ended up in this situation myself, but I feel sure I will- a number of friends have.

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I don't really see the issue tbh. Prestige is already a bonus. If you have 5 useless credits left, so be it. I have millions of useless resources at this stage (alloy, salvage, etc, etc)...
Making sure everyone can spend 100% of everything is basically impossible. I could get all I need, ignore the remaining NW missions and just coincidentally end up completing one (like 20+ waves of defense without even realizing it's a NW requirement as well) and then have useless credits left again.

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The point of prestige is to not leave players empy handed and completely bored while the other, less rushed players, get to rank 30. You aren't supposed to go beyond 60 because there isn't time to do so before the season ends - or so it was supposed since this intermission was created as an empty filler in order to go on for as long as needed. In such cases the 60-tier limit should be removed since you'll still reach it and NW's core funcion will be void all the same.

"Either do it well, or refrain from doing it." To leave such a core system in the dust is a disappointment. To be clear, I just got to Prestige 3 and I didn't rush in the slightest. Still have a ton of challenges to do. I just say what I say because I don't agree with how nightwave is being handled at all. Even if it's for content such as Empyrean, New War, Duviri or whatever else is being developed.

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