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Trinity- Pool of Life Replacement

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Trinity's Ability 1 is lackluster and redundant. She's a healer and defender.

So what would you replace her Pool of Life/Ability 1 with, given that it should be something that compliments the healer/battery/defender role?

Suggestion: Lifedrain- Trinity empowers her weapons with Lifedrain, damaging enemies activates a 3X stackable health regen of 5HP per second per stack. Weapon damage gains a scalable 1% of enemy max HP damage per stack. (At full stacks that's 3% of enemy max HP in damage per attack.)

Augment: Lifepool- Holding down Ability 1 applies the Lifedrain weapon empowerment effect to Tenno within 15 Meters.


Just an example, what alternate ideas do you have to improve Trinity's kit?

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I appreciate the idea of reworking trinity. But even if you're idea is not bad, would still feel redundant in a frame which have already damage reduction and mass healing.

I would change her in this way:

passive: Damage absorption charge gauge, your weapon damage and ability powers increase according to gauge level. Weapon Damage can reach +250% with max charge.

1st Absorption Barrier: click/keep for providing a target/yourself with a protective Barrier which absorbes any source of damage for 5 secs

2nd Ev : Usual Ev but pulses provide energy according to the gauge

3rd Link: click/keep to design a target(ally or enemy)/yourself as the destination to redirect till 40% of damage suffered by nearly allies.

4rt Bless: Usual bless, but with high gauge provide till 50% damage reduction and a certain amount of Armor on top of regenerated health.


In this case, we have her first which enhance the other abilities but at the same time is a good Attack booster which could make the gameplay experience a bit more aggressive.

The new link could be another good alternative to mitigate damage for your team while also providing a good damage source for frames who relies on enemy damage to enhance their powers.

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