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6 years and some Turret Sentries later: Steel Meridian still has Roller specter


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Okay, so out of the six main syndicates, three of them have questionable support:

  • Steel Meridian: Roller Leech Eximus
  • Red Veil: Charger Parasitic (Energy Leech) Eximus
  • The Perrin Sequence: MOA Blitz Eximus

With one of them being a total loser - the Steel Meridian's Roller specter. The other two also have the same serious issues: lack of HP regen, low survivability, low damage and non-existent utility (also, 6 years later we still have no answers to questions "Why is the Charger an Energy leech? and "Why doesn't it give energy regeneration to allies?"), yet they still are a little bit better than the Roller which is an absolute joke. Yes, it's not even an insult. Because even Tyl Regor and Vay Hek deal much more damage with their verbal insults than the Roller with its very physical blades.

Steel Meridian:

Led by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter, the Steel Meridian fight a guerrilla war against a vast enemy. They are sworn protectors of what little remains of the colonies.

The Grineer are not often seen as valorous individuals, but time and again members of their leadership have displayed a certain code of honor. Members of Steel Meridian set aside their former allegiances to defend those who cannot defend themselves.


And it's truly fascinating how one of the Syndicates with powerful Vaykor weapon series is, in fact, so bad at actually providing their help and protection. And we're not even talking about them sending living soldiers in to provide assistance to us. One would think that to capture the essence of Steel Meridian's motto, they'd provide us with hacked Propaganda Drones to boost our damage/HP and/or Energy regeneration, or Shield Lancer Arctic Eximus Specter. How fitting and actually useful it would've been! Not only in the symbolic way, but also in the practical one.

But no, the harsh reality is here to remind us that it's just one lousy specter you can deploy (sure, from a pack of purchased ones). Some cynical Tenno could say that SM think we're such a lost cause so there's no need to throw resources out of window. One weak Roller, as a simple "help" gesture, will suffice.

It's even more hilarious when you get attacked by SM's "death platoon":

What? Are they supposed to make Tenno feel bad for destroying such lil' innocent piece of machinery?


But okay, let's just cut to the chase.

Can we please get an update on the Steel Meridian's Roller specter and replace it with either:

  • Steel Meridian's Propaganda Drone:


  • Boosts Grineer morale while weakening enemies.
  • They constantly emit a field that buffs the damage and defenses of any nearby Grineer. At the same time, Tenno within range have their maximum shields reduced.
  • Nyx's Mind Control will cause the drone to buff allies and debuff enemies. The buff will also heal nearby Tenno for 3 health per second.

How wonderful this would be.


  • Shield Lancer Arctic Eximus



or the latest:

  • Elite Shield Lancer Eximus


(credit: u/Mad-Crucifer)

You know,


to defend those who cannot defend themselves


That being said, if you [DE] insist on keeping the roller specter in the Steel Meridian, can we at least, for Clem's sake, get the Turret Rollers instead?


Having the Roller specter was funny for the first couple of months, or until you fixed the only useful interaction it had with the Freeze Force augment.

But 6 years later it sure is not funny anymore (Syndicates system came out in 2014, just a reminder). This just seems like yet another part of content that was forgotten and now collects dust. So maybe it's about time to address such little things as well, hm? After all, even the pure +15 - 30% Status mods got an update... even if it took 7 years and an endless number of players begging and proposing ideas for it.

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I find the Specter system to be incredibly obsolete outside of the Warframe, Ancient & Clem Specters. We already have unique Moa companions that render Perrin Sequence's specters irrelevant due to a decent amount of customization & modability, we also have the Helminth Charger with its array of mods & old skin, making Red Veil's specter very much forgettable. It wouldn't be difficult for DE to release custom Osprey parts for Legs to sell, we could also get a Roller turret as well. So that leaves 2 syndicates left. My solution to both Corrupted Lancers & the Ancient Healer are simple: make Liches of any & all factions potential companions upon conversion. Death Squads then can be filled with actual unique syndicate operatives instead of random enemies we've faced dozens of times, because syndicates themselves lack unique or distinct representatives outside of 1 or 2 figures per group. Syndicates deserve to be fleshed out at this point, we've gone too many years without fleshing these groups out as well as we have other syndicates like Solaris United or the Ostrons.

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