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  1. Bumping this topic even further. To any naysayers that believe the Umbra Detail Toggle shouldn't exist in the future for Excalibur or any other Warframe, kindly explain to me why Primes have it. Should players not have the Prime Detail Toggle then? Removing cosmetic customization options will benefit no one, so properly adjust your mindset please.
  2. Unless, I dunno, players leak said plan on the forums...Like right now.
  3. Everyone keeps trying to make reworks for good frames, but what about Titania, Zephyr, Atlas or any other forgotten frames? Don't they matter too?!
  4. TennoCon 2019 brought to us news of features both old & new, but one little comment peaked my interest. A TennoCon attendee asked a question concerning new additions to the Faction Syndicate offerings. This has my hopes up for an eventual revisiting of the feature altogether. So before I jump into the rewards "I" believe DE should add on top of everything else, I have some QoL suggestions concerning the missions. Do note, I've made similar statements several times in order to recite how critical Faction Syndicates may be to the overall quality of the game. Improvements: Syndicate Dailies just aren't exciting. Players have ran these missions for quite a few years, never really seeing an change or variety in the missions we partake in. Over time, DE has introduced new types of missions for players to partake in, i.e. Defection, Disruption, Infested Salvage, etc. With the eventual inclusion of Empyrean into the game, I sincerely hope DE throws in more modes in order to spice up the variety. In addition to providing new missions, additional dialogue for each faction's leader needs to be recorded. As I've said before, I'm sick of backseat Lotus taking the focus away from these intriguing figureheads; I want them be more prominent like Eudico, not act as passively as Konzu. Another thing I wouldn't mind to see is a unique minimap icon for all of the medallions, if only to speed missions up without having to run certain frames. My last point would be to remove the Syndicate Standing pool & provide each group with their own individual pool so that one doesn't waste precious standing points. Rewards: The abhorrently slow distribution of new types of Syndicate rewards has really left me with more questions than answers. The only major consistency in distribution comes in the form of Warframe Augments, which will never slow down so long as DE has some form of creative vision concerning abilities. The astounding lack of rewards worth one's standing is a matter that should be addressed in the near feature, so what additional trinkets should be added to incentivize play? Well, the first thing that comes to mind are new weapon sets. I'm not just talking about adding a couple sets of primaries, secondaries & melees, I'm also talking about Syndicate-oriented Archwing heavy weapons. The best example that comes to mind would be Vaykor Grattler & Vaykor Knux. Adding new variants of said weapons would allow DE to transfer blueprints over to Dojo labs & the Marketplace, removing the need for Trade Chat in older Archweapon acquisition. The other type of reward I have in mind are cosmetics, A LOT of cosmetics. The list includes the following: Warframe armor sets, Warframe skins, Operator suits, Emblems, Glyphs (Resembling the Sigils), Pet armor, Sentinel skins, Weapon skins, Archwing skins, Archweapon skins, Landing Craft skins, K-Drive scrawls, Noggles, Railjack scrawls & Railjack skins. Do keep in mind that this stuff could also be applicable to other Syndicates; the bigger the presentation, the better the outcome. Do keep in mind that a lot of these features already do exist in some form, either through Baro, the Conclave (Ironically enough), pre-existing concepts and in the recent Arbitration update (RIP). The entire thought process behind such a lengthy post comes from one simple goal: the revival of the Faction Syndicate system. I've no doubt that player identity & enjoyment is tied to the reception to each group & their ideals. By providing such a huge amount of content, one can hope that their fashion-frame looks top tier.
  5. Err...What? Lotus is a Sentient Mimic, nothing amalgamated about her whatsoever. While the Sentients are of Orokin creation, Amalgams are the result of Alad V tampering with the remains of fallen Sentients and fusing them with Corpus tech. Lotus merely adopted the visage & personality of Margulis after the latter's demise in order to enact Hunhow's plan, and we all know how that turned out.
  6. DE had already announced that the intermission WOULDN'T have you going past level 15. You're going to have to wait for the 2nd official Nightwave to kick off.
  7. Simple solution. Buff everything else. Plenty of other weapons being rendered obsolete because of the lack of balance as a whole. Do you see people running around with Stug on the daily? No, you don't. MR fodder overall leads to questioning the point of said weapons. I'm not expecting every single weapon to be able to delete the opposition like Pyrana Prime, but I don't need a peashooter either.
  8. Wait your week, you have NO choice. If it's any longer, consult the support team. Don't use region chat, people get banned for all sorts of petty reasons, just stick to talking with clanmates.
  9. How about fish tanks? Usable furniture? Decorative stalls? More syndicate & faction-based items, from containers & banners to tables? How about small stuff like utensils & cups? So many assets in the game to choose from, yet it all goes unused...
  10. Oof, I hope you guys get the rest of Round 14 shipped out, I was looking forward to another Graxx skin for a while now. Getting all those issues solved as soon as possible will make TennoGen manageable.
  11. Another option is Baro Ki'teer, who sells it for 550 Ducats & 250,000. You'll have to wait a significant period of time on PC though, unless you've purchased the TennoCon 2019 bundle & visit his relay during that specific day.
  12. Yeah...No, I'm just not offended by this stuff. If you don't find this stuff remotely entertaining, then good for you. So long as people remain civil in any discussion, that's all one can hope for.
  13. Even though I can't go, I hope to see a cameo from Kimono Steve with his signature flute.
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