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  1. Faster scanning is an upgrade you can already unlock in the game. If you're looking for new features, I have a couple ideas. The mining tools you use in the open world areas can detect nearby ore deposits. I believe that Synthesis Scanners should be used to detect lore fragments, Frame Fighter fragments & Somachord tones on a node while in the mission. There'll just be an icon on the side that tells you which is available. For those who have already scanned everything, the icon simply won't pop up. Another useful gimmick that the Synthesis Scanner has is a tracking feature. We co
  2. I see you Saryn & Wisp fans frothing at the mouth for Warframe VR! Control yourselves!
  3. Agreed. Make dojos great again!
  4. There are multiple weapon variants that exist in Warframe, from Primes, Kuva weapons, Wraiths, Raktas & Vandals. The Cernos, Gorgon, Latron & Penta are just a few examples of weapons that possess a substantial amount of variants. For the sake of greater customization for the player, I believe DE should allow us to equip whatever variant skin on the weapon of our choosing, so long as we've previously acquired the variant in the past. I do believe that Prime Warframes also have a similar feature, allowing them to equip the generic skins, so why are weapons exempt from having a similar tr
  5. Maybe he should critique the game, especially if he has a substantially large audience. High profile figures tend to catch DE's attention more so over longtime players like Jizo, Rahetalius or Reaper Hunter, which is honestly a shame.
  6. Kuva Korrudo! Also Kuva Sobek, poor thing...
  7. If they were common & had infinite charges, I'd be all for the suffering. Otherwise...I'm not even that motivated to run Liches, let alone Sisters.
  8. Please dear lord of the Void, remove any & all relics from Lich/Sister grind...It's not fun.
  9. If enemies can't kill themselves with their own weapons, why should we? If a Bombard lets loose a rocket within a couple meters, why can't that enemy take as much damage as we do from said rocket? It's only fair if everyone suffers. Heck, might as well bring friendly fire into the equation if you wanna spice things up. There was no real risk/reward component that made AoE weapons the best choice to go for. You weren't getting more credits, increased RNG or superior damage depending on the weapon of choice. In fact, most AoE weapons weren't that good. Band-aid mods like that one from Arbit
  10. Repeatable interactive tutorials like Simaris's synthesis guide are a must at this point, walls of text in the Codex only explain so much. We didn't even get a proper Railjack tutorial when it first came out, Free Flight's existence is no excuse for a lack of guidance. How difficult would it be for Cy to set up a simulation where the player gets used to the controls & learns the purpose of each weapon?
  11. Hema 2, twice the amount of Mutagen samples needed, twice the amount of threads addressing the absurd resource requirements!
  12. Join the collective, assimilate, assimilate, assimilate!
  13. We don't know, not even DE probably knows at this point. Just wait, that's all you can ever do with Warframe these days.
  14. Unfortunately not. That's why advocating for legitimate dojo QoL features is an absolute necessity at this point.
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