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  1. I don't mean to resurrect this discussion, but I'm surprised by the lack of a proper waistband option, at least for the male set. Teshin has a fancy waistband cloth thingy hanging elegantly off of his attire. He also has a cool cape. Just a minor annoyance, really.
  2. Only if the enemies can blow themselves up as well, otherwise we're dealing with an unfair playing field. Let's face it, Cautious Shot was a band-aid that never even worked to begin with. The problem we suffer from will never be alleviated because DE has very little comprehension or ambition when it comes to balancing weapons & implementing competent mechanics. That's why self-damage was intolerable back then; you could kill yourself faster with garbage like the Stug than you could the actual enemy.
  3. Beasts & Dojos are the biggest outliers, which is incredibly strange, all things considered.
  4. Not to berate the OP, but yes. It was necessary. Ever since Railjack & the Nemesis system were shown off together at TennoCon a long time ago (at least it feels that way), it was immediately indicative that both would be connected. Given how incredibly fragmented the game's development seems to be, it would have inevitably arrived at some point. Personal opinions, DE kept true to their promise. For better or for worse, the integration was planned & is official.
  5. Unfortunately not. There are some things I definitely take issue with. As previously stated by the others, the "weapon balance check" did not benefit the weaker elements of the arsenal whatsoever. The Sisters aren't particularly unique from their Grineer counterparts in any meaningful ways. While I'm glad that DE decided to incorporate Railjack into the final confrontation as they had originally shown at TennoCon several years back, there were no significant changes made to the absolute slog that is the Requiem Mod grind. The new mods & arcanes that were added only exist reinforce power-creep, and not major stat adjustments were made to the weapons that so desperately need some significant boost in effectiveness. In essence, MR Fodder remains a sad, arbitrary reminder of DE's poor design choices. Worse yet is the fact that converted Liches & Sisters still lack any major customizable components to them, and their only role in Railjack remains to be the Defender role.
  6. The real question is, are some of these melee weapons going to have a similar method of acquisition like their Tenet counterparts, except from Cressa Tal?
  7. Fair enough, I just don't see much value in them myself. Prime parts just feel like Christmas. Even if you can't find the value in them, Baro can. That extra layer of depth adds so much more to Prime parts than the Requiem mods.
  8. Yes, please. I don't run Requiem relic missions for a reason, the intrinsic value isn't there. I can get parts for building, plat or ducats out of regular relic runs. Honestly, the Nemesis grind never needed this layer in the first place.
  9. Did DE intentionally forget the explicit connection between the Requiems & Deimos? Meh, I shouldn't expect consistency anyways.
  10. Don't care, still want it. It doesn't make sense for the Vaykor Hek simply because the "Justice" proc wouldn't be able to stack twice, making for quite the coding headache. Arbitrary limitations are still arbitrary. People have Rivens, just give me something neat for once. It's not an AoE weapon, so whatever concerns exist about balance are utterly irrelevant these days. While we're at it, might as well make transmog variant skins a thing so that I can still keep my Steel Meridian dedication on full display. Vaykor Hek's legacy deserves to live on.
  11. They might as well do the entire Grineer arsenal at this point. Kuva Sobek is a must, as would be Marelok, in both a Twin & normal capacity.
  12. Unfortunately, in regards to Helminth, this does become a discussion about balance & the necessity for proper reworks.
  13. Remember the Parazon? Remember when we used it to keep up with the Jackel in its reworked boss room, albeit in a cutscene? Yeah, we can retool things so that ideas don't go to waste. It'd essentially be Ripline all over again, just for every single Warframe, and Valkyr can get a brand new ability to boot. What should we define as fair? Is it fair for Yareli to be in such a bad state? Is it fair for Hydroid players to have such a bad Warframe? Is it fair that Chroma players only have 2 useful abilities? Is it fair for Atlas, Gara & Khora players to need stat sticks while other Warframes with Exalted weapons enjoy the benefits of modding? Is it fair to Vauban players to still have the Vector Pad in spite of their protests? Once again, what defines fairness? All I look for in a Warframe's kit are usefulness all around & thematic cohesion. If one or both are lacking, I'm bound to protest. The Helminth is band-aid much like the Galvanized mods are, leaving the lesser Warframes in a mechanical rut until "newer, better solutions" come along to distract everyone from the problem. That doesn't mean that I despise the Helminth system, I just despise DE's laziness when it comes to delivering the best possible experience. People wouldn't have incentive for replacing certain abilities if not for their poor performance. I do enjoy the idea of mixing & matching abilities for the sake of experimental hijinks, but let's not forget the intentions, intended or otherwise.
  14. Subsuming, for all of the benefits that it does have, does not make up for the lackluster design choices on DE's end. To have two, let alone one useless ability, should be incentive enough for the developers to improve & innovate, not walk away from the problem. Even some of those lackluster abilities made it into the Helminth system. You don't have to use them, and the charts show it, so why do they so eagerly ignore these problems? The community has come up with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of different ideas, plenty good & bad, to rectify the problem. I'm in agreement with the lad, if only because the forced vampirism takes away from what could be an even better Eidolon-inspired kit. Garuda's blood mage/vampire elements are more thought out in comparison to Revenant's abilities. Eidolons don't put enemies to sleep, evaporate into mist or demonstrate mind control capabilities. They're pure, unmitigated energy conductors; shooting lasers, summoning lightning, sending forth energy orbs, relying upon the energy of Vomvolysts, unleashing magnetic pulse waves and tanking hits like no tomorrow. Agree or disagree, I just understand where he's coming from.
  15. I'd at least expect leg armor & particular exalted skin attachments to be added to pre-existing TennoGen. Strange to say the least.
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