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  1. Nightwave has overstayed its welcome yet again. DE management needs to get their act together by properly planning this mess out. Story content is a joke when compared to the length of Nightwaves in general, You either need to up the story count, interactivity & overall impact each Nightwave has ingame, or you need to set definitive, shortened release & end dates beforehand as to not let stuff like glassed enemies deteriorate the main game. Seriously, how does any of this qualify as "adequate content"? Nightwave ISN'T an appropriate method to replace conventional quests or even fi
  2. Mojang with Minecraft has cross-play, Psyonix did it with Rocket League & even Hi-Rez has done it with a multitude of their games. That's the few I can name off the top of my head. Dauntless, from what I've heard, provides cross-save functionality Apologies for not specifying, I'm just fatigued by Warframe & won't be dedicating almost 3 years to reach the point that I'm currently at on a different platform.
  3. TL;DR summary: "We've got nothin'." A shame, honestly. No way in the seven pits of the inferno would I ever want to farm for everything all over again. They need to step it up a notch, other game companies already have cross-platform stuff nailed down.
  4. Streamlining player trading in any sort of way is an absolute necessity at this point, so I'd be inclined to agree with your idea.
  5. Dear lord, DE cannot properly pace Nightwave stories at all. Why these things last 5-7 months is beyond me, but whoever is in charge of scheduling & managing the release of this stuff is doing a lackluster job. There's no real reason to be invested in any of these stories, they take way too long to progress & conclude. No amount of "free content" can make up for how hollow Nightwave is as an experience based solely in grinding mundane objectives. All that "worldbuilding" doesn't leave much of an impact on the Origin System, all we've got to show for it are a couple weapons, an assassin
  6. The fault of this dilemma falls solely on DE's lap. The very nature of Warframe is limited to grinding & damage. Though I find metas loathsome, they'll always serve the purpose of convenience. For players like us who've got 1000+ hours in the game, why would we waste our time with anything less than the best? For all the variety that we have access, DE chooses not to expand or mandate anything else, all you have to do is look at ingame examples that promote this idea. Sanctuary Onslaught, the Granum Void & even the Deadlock Protocol, to some extent, are synonymous with this mentality.
  7. Archwing missions as they stand are awkwardly structured; map-wise they're a mess, especially with the physical scaling scaling of objects & enemies within the environment, and the lack of mission variety is a detriment to the potential of the mode. A proper rework could do the mode some good, but with DE's head on a swivel due to a lack of focus, you probably won't see one for a while.
  8. That...Is completely reasonable & makes more sense than having it be such an isolated event. That'd be the perfect set-up for a Trial/Raid, if or whenever those are coming back...
  9. There already seems to be more than two different categories ingame. The Spore Ephemera you can acquire from Nightwave is what I'd consider to be a full body hybrid variant that includes elements of both Body & Step Ephemeras. Ultimately, the best way to categorize them would be in three different variants: Full Body, Body & Step. Full Body would take up both slots due to its nature, while Body & Step can be applied simultaneously.
  10. Can we please focus on balancing the hundreds of weapons we already do have? Plenty of them are underwhelming, regardless of the mechanics you attach to them.
  11. I haven't had the time nor the patience to invest into the Helminth, and even I know that Warframes like Hydroid, Zephyr, Chroma & others deserve legitimate reworks. While we can prioritize certain Warframes above others in terms of demand, we cannot argue that any of them are not deserving of changes at all. With the recent devstream's tone-deaf mentality, players should cooperate with one another to reinforce the importance of reworks so that DE knows what they must do, and the Helminth system will never remove the necessity of reworks from this game. The touted synergy that Hydroid
  12. Faction syndicate rework when? Missions need proper restructuring to have some form of flow, additional dialogue needs to be recorded for each leader while Lotus needs to be completely removed as mission control, more rewards are so desperately needed for this forgotten portion of content & each of the six syndicates deserve separate standing pools. Perhaps it's time to even remove syndicate death squads & negative standing, as they directly contradict the purpose of syndicates from both functional & lore perspectives. Deimos launched, while you can iron out whatever problems
  13. Give it some time, Baro will have it eventually. Just a matter of patience.
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