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  1. Give it some time, Baro will have it eventually. Just a matter of patience.
  2. Are there MMO's that lack Auction Houses at this point? I can't even answer that question. Runescape's Grand Exchange, Star Wars: The Old Republic's Galactic Trade Network & DC Universe Online's Marketplace; these are a few F2P's with P2P subscription services that offer an auction house to all players. DCUO might be the most egregious out of the 3, as the money cap is extremely low when compared to SWTOR. It caps out at $2,000, while SWTOR's credit cap is 600k. DE will still make money regardless. Why? Because of Rivens, Deluxe skins, TennoGen, Prime Access & people willing to buy anything to avoid the weeks worth of grind. They've got plenty of monetization methods at their disposal. Whales exist, a majority of us have probably dropped money on this game at some point, most of us probably aren't going anywhere until we're fed up with the horrible updates that have actually been hurting the game or if that Tencent/Leyou deal goes through. We're players, we shouldn't have to defend DE's bottom line when DE should be trying their hardest to make an impression on us, only complete bootlickers act in defense of DE's questionable game design. The current trading system has created all sorts of problems like the Riven Mafia, and it's generally one of the most toxic & time-consuming distractions in the game. There has to be some form of compromise.
  3. Warframe's trading system is laughably archaic & horrible, I could care less if an auction house were to somehow "cut into their profit". DE certainly tries to emulate MMO's, but this falls in line with one of the worst aspects tied to them. Oh well, if players despise good QOL features, then my time away from the game is more of a blessing than a curse.
  4. Stale grind islands, that's all they are. Hate to say it, but Duviri won't fix this failed formula.
  5. (Cough) Exalted TennoGen when? (Cough)
  6. Content survives so long as there's a reason to partake in said content. People will always express their concerns about the viability of newly released content because it lives & dies by the rewards that are present. There's a reason why the open worlds, Liches & Railjack are criticized; they're content islands with only so much to offer, having no major bearing on the main game. Once you've gotten every ephemera & Kuva weapon, you've absolutely no motivation compelling you to go through the process ever again. It's an unsustainable model that should always be questioned. How long will The Steel Path survive with its very limited offerings? Ask your this question before considering developer statements to be absolute. They've revisited Arbitrations, PoE, Fortuna, Railjack, Liches, bosses and countless other things that are optional, this'll undoubtedly be revisited once numbers dwindle. Motivation is a compulsory mistress, nothing compels people to engage in old content like new rewards & gimmicks.
  7. Why not release both? Appease the crowd, speed up the Priming process, get more Prime goodness out & about. It can't be that difficult designing a Prime, just slap a Void Key in Nezha's face & we'll be good to go!
  8. The same question can be applied to DE with their habitual UI changes. Another argument can be made in the case against the changes made to metallic rendering, which was absolutely reviled. What difference does it make if DE updates the quality of gore visuals? So long as a decent amount of time & effort goes into it, and players can experience these changes in a play tester fashion while having their feedback be considered, the benefits are greater than the drawbacks. This is a dangerous argument to make, as this argument could be applied to the PoE remaster, the Jovian Concord Jupiter rework & the Deadlock Protocol Corpus fleet rework. How well would this logical fallacy apply to these updates, I wonder?
  9. Because it was rushed out of the door. Funnily enough, Synthesis Scanning of all things has a playable, interactive tutorial. Don't ask me why.
  10. Modular equipment in an ungilded state should be considered experimental & should not be a permanent fixture. In this experimental phase, you can swap out any of the parts that you've already built at any given moment without repercussions. Once you've decided upon any number of combinations, only then will you gild & be able to level your modular gear. By cutting out the ungilded leveling phase & by stipulating the "experimental" mechanic, players will be encouraged to test out the various Kitguns & Zaws to their heart's content. Well, that's how it always should have been anyways.
  11. That brings about another question: what about environment-oriented takedowns that utilize different traps? I'd love to see a sort of hybrid between Arkham & Hitman's stealth mechanics. Stealth as we know it is incredibly limited & very much flawed at the moment, there honestly should be plenty of unique methods for dispatching foes outside of backstabbing or a silenced weapon. The Arkham series boasts flexibility & agility, while the Hitman series goes off of one's sick imagination & ingenuity , they'd both fit perfectly into our space ninja affairs if DE ever felt compelled to make stealth matter again.
  12. I agree, we already have fishing trophies in the game, it can't be that difficult to slap a weapon model onto a plaque.
  13. I just want Venus, Neptune & Pluto to look visually different from one another.
  14. Modular equipment has a particular flaw that has always stuck out after they arrived. Before their implementation, modular weapons like Zaws & Amps were supposed to allow you to switch out parts you built in your foundry at any given moment in the case that you wanted to experiment with the individual pieces. A modular weapon would only ever become applicable to MR once you gilded that weapon. Why are we restricted to only using the parts instead of being able to swap between the foundry-built parts that we have at our disposal? This limitation of pseudo-leveling before gilding is problematic when you consider the conceptual functionality of these weapons, Moas & soon-to-be Archwings.
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