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  1. Frost 2 sounds like a low budget sequel to a weird survival movie. The only thing that could be changed to be remotely useful is his passive. Unless you're facing the infested, you'll be shot at most of the time anyways. Something that enhances his defensive capabilities would be nice, but I don't know what.
  2. No idea, definitely needs to be changed sometime soon, probably whenever Pets 2.0 comes out in the next decade.
  3. Considering how much of a pain it is to acquire War parts in general, DE would have to adjust drop rates before adding the other half of the sword.
  4. I've argued this case before. The fact that Robotic weapons are either great or terrible with no in-between is just extremely disappointing. It wouldn't hurt to buff this or any of the less-than-stellar weapons at this point, now would it?
  5. I've never used Rivens & will continue to avoid them so long as DE remains ignorantly stubborn about weapon balance. The Riven system has failed in bringing countless weapons up to par with what is considered reliable equipment. The fact that MR fodder still exists is a testament to the wasted potential that still exists in this game, along with countless other things that would take too much time to list. Besides that point, unreasonably high resource sinks are still a waste of time, especially when that heavy investment results in a a tool that fails to live up to the expectations that one would imagine from all of the materials spent. There are better weapons that don't require that amount of effort to acquire.
  6. I respectfully disagree. DE should be buffing drop rates & offering alternative farming methods over just throwing in another booster because of monetization.
  7. Many sleepless nights & countless devstream forum posts have been made in an effort to make DE actually care about syndicates again. You name it, I've probably listed it as a must-have for any syndicate-savvy player: Emblems, Landing Craft skins, Emblems, Glyphs, Companion & Robotic cosmetics, new Archweapons, Weapon skins, even a rework for the syndicate mission system itself. Nightwave is a dull distraction to a system that truly deserves more attention.
  8. While Vauban & Ember are in desperate need of a rework, we can't forget other frames that might need a tweak here & there, Atlas is one such example, especially with his Prime just days away.
  9. The likelihood of that happening is low, considering the fact that Vauban's rework is still a WIP & DE doesn't like to multitask in general when it comes to most reworks.
  10. It doesn't even need to be this exclusive trinket that's almost impossible to get because it isn't that good in the first place. Like Deadsin said, pull a Heavy Gunner & add it to the Scorpion drop table, they brought back Braton & Lato Vandal, this is just another weapon to bring back.
  11. Not wrong there. While launchers have the capacity to do decent damage, there are much safer choices in terms of powerful weapons. Hell, there are weapons that render the launcher category insignificant entirely, shotguns being at the forefront of almost any discussion due to how busted they truly are.
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