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  1. Actually put in the effort for a change kid, it won't kill you.
  2. Going to be addressing the unsatisfying nature of Murmur & Requiem Mod grinding, or is everything "set in stone"? If the latter is the case, I know I'm never going to be hunting any Lich in the future.
  3. Murmur & Requiem Mod grind. That's the vast majority of what this content is, and it isn't radically different or game-changing either. While grinding for Murmurs is a boring thing to do, the Requiem Mod grind is objectively worse. Being screwed over by RNG in an inferior brand of Relic missions is by far the worst part of the Lich experience, the only other thing that came that close to being as infuriating as the Requiem Mod grind was when Liches bodied you when you didn't have the proper Mod combo.
  4. Recharge? I don't know what you even mean by that. Platinum is a currency that can be exchanged, either in the ingame market/arsenal or through trading with another player, to acquire anything from cosmetics to new pieces of equipment. The only couple methods of acquiring, or in your case recharging, is through direct purchase from Steam or player trade. What else would you do with any earned currency but stockpile or spend it?
  5. That's the standard DE set for themselves, that's the standard the community has come to accept & expect. Until a vast majority of players say otherwise, Misery won't even show up again.
  6. Let's agree to disagree. The problem with both Leverian & Nightwave being considered as the new mainstay in lore is the limited amount of player interactions when compared to something bigger, like quests. Leverian is just a museum with elaborate narrations. Nightwave is just regular grind with the occasional spawning of an enemy specific to that story & Nora's narrations. After the season is up, nothing else really happens. The Wolf was delegated to an assassin beacon because his spawn rate is so busted & Arlo's followers were relocated to the Derelict. None of that content bears an overwhelming presence or any active threat outside of those specific conditions. That's not to say that I don't appreciate what each has to offer, but we're being drip-fed lore at this point. For a universe this big, with as many factions as there are going at each other, there need to be bigger stories with actual consequences & an actual impact outside of the cinematic questline.
  7. Lore in general is on the decline. Ever since DE did away with quests outside of the cinematic variety & Rising Tide, we've had to suffice with Leverian, Nightwave & the occasional Fragment hunt. Outside of a certain prologue, the last couple major lore entries came from the Buried Debts & Jovian Concord updates. It's especially sad when members of the player-base go out of their way to flesh out the lore that this game so desperately needs & succeed in delivering interesting stories, one such enterprising individual being @Rahetalius. While the gameplay of Warframe does have its strengths, the repetitious loop that is grind tends to overstay its welcome. Lore helps flesh out universe, it provides some significance to the activities we partake in, but when lore lacks, the gameplay goes back to feeling amusing but ultimately hollow.
  8. Could you also look into something similar for Secondaries & Archguns? Just some food for thought.
  9. Self-Damage as it is in Warframe massively disincentivizes players from choosing weapons as dangerous as Bramma. A mod like Cautious Shot doesn't completely remove the danger of accidental suicide by explosion, and that's the biggest insult of all. Why should players risk their necks with these weapons when there are superior options that don't end up killing you? It all comes down to either removing such a worthless mechanic or reworking it outright to address these concerns.
  10. Let me make one thing clear, the Murmur & Requiem Relic grind are still the most tedious aspects of Lich hunting, in fact, these two features make up the majority of what this content has to offer. The gameplay loop is: grind for Murmur progress, encounter Lich on occasion & stab them for Murmur progression, farm for Relics once Murmur progress is done, run the Requiem fissure & hope that you get what you need, fight Lich & determine their fate, rinse & repeat. When the Lich system was initially announced, there was nowhere near the amount of hoops to jump through just to actually be able to kill your own Lich. Grind is NOT content, but that seems to be what we've been receiving for the past few years. The unfortunate fact is that the gameplay loop is intentionally made to feel as lengthy as possible to cover up for the lack of cohesion between what you've shown us at TennoCon & what we received a few months ago. If there is any way to make this loop feel less boring, I'd welcome any change, within reason. Murmur grind needs to be drastically reduced & Requiem Mod acquisition shouldn't be exclusive to some rip-off Relic system. The Kuva Fortress should offer other opportunities outside of that specific fissure mission for Requiem mods. A couple other things I'd like to add is that Lich levels should have some influence on the RNG of Kuva weapons. While the Valence system has improved to a significant degree, I still think Lich Levels should contribute somehow, be it a 10% increase in the stat when you have a level 5 Lich, or something in that manner. Another thing I'd suggest are Lich companions. Given the fact that we can convert Liches, the least you could do is allow us to do is customize our Liches to our liking & let us take them into the field with us like our other companions.
  11. "Will I ever see Lich-senpai ever again? The memories we shared may last forever, but mortality is fleeting, I need to see my best frienemy!"
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