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Warframe Concept: Loki Prime


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I posted in another thread, but felt feedback is easier in the a thread dedicated only to Loki Prime.

Please let me know your wishes, thoughts on design, clothing and weaponry.

Powers possible with a Prime would be cool if there are any ideas.

He is an original frame, and deserves a Prime.


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Get rid of the lens flare, LED ricer lights, and antlers for starters.

Well, I could take away the new horns. I was going for the Asgaard look, google Loki and see.

The lights are just for evaluation really, the other primes alk have them.

Other opinions on this?

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Of course I see steampunk details, just look at the Grineer.

However, due to zbrush being the main tool this gives everything a sculpted look,

not to unlike toys.

My reference to steampunk has a more jagged, worn look, gears and tubes.

Now, the primes seen very high tech to me. The orikin tech seem more magical in nature then scientific.

I would personally love some of that stuff, but the Grineer are tge only ragtag faction.

Can you give an example of the kind if sp you are thinking of so I get a better picture?

Thanks for everyones interest btw!

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Well, for a start, all prime frames have a kind of steampunk design on their helmets. Mag Prime is the best example :




It looks kind of "mechanical".






When you see magic, I see tech. I can understand why you say "magic" as it is quite mysterious. But if you look at the Void, the Orokin, and everything related to those elements, you will find a lot of "mechanical" elements. All the traps, the secret rooms, etc. Look at the void, and think that your Warframe came from it. From the same designers.


For example, on your Loki, the part with the "blue gem" and the way the "gold parts" of his helmet are linked to it should maybe take this "mechanical" reference. But that's a lot of work, I give you that.


Anyway, hope it helps.


Also, the gold elements on the artworks of DE tends to look between gold and bronze.

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Primed Warframes uses their default helm, so I guess that's the helm you should have used.
The one you use looks like the Essence Helm, but with two horns or something. 
My suggestion would be to use the Default, remove the horns, and add some more intriguing gold/bronze designs to make it his own and it should be good. 

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Since people seems to have a hard time considering influences instead of a trend, how about calling it a tech touch that would look kind of "retro" or, ancient. The problem with your prime is just that it looks "princely", "majestic". But I do like it.

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Ok good points all.

The gilded metallic could of course be a separate piece just like frost.

however, must the original helmet be the Prime one?

I just figured DE so far used old models as for time/ space reasons.

If thats the case, pretend its the alt Prime helmet ;)

So naturally I could create a ornament adition over the default helmet.

It then becomes a question of just how the adition will work.

As always, ideas are good. And yes, the steampunk image helped.

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