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    Slow update

    update 27.3.0 floating on same waters
  2. edit all fine now
  3. + whirlwind being removed so the throw has default added speed or exilus slot for it
  4. that's the thing u don't need any status on it now just full element/crit build
  5. with covid 19 spreading world wide operation should be last on the list of priorities stay safe
  6. exactly hope it was not intended, completely defy it purpose of building around status
  7. hope its a bug status change purpose was to push more ppl build around it instead or crit meta
  8. first one ill say considering it sc kinda useless at moment also consider eidolons + other bosses would be affected by status in the future so things may change
  9. wait for a support reply it takes long sometimes maybe further nowdays due to covid 19 wile not being the first in this situation make sure to explain it correctly gl & stay safe
  10. Warframe.market is a fan site not associated with Digital Extremes the solution lays on
  11. at worst there would be no up for some time depends on quarantine measures
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