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  1. some ign are displayed x2-x3
  2. negative impact on diversity of the build, we can simply wipe them out but don't think it will fix power creep a complete damage overhaul longside enemy scaling would be better in long term
  3. u wont stop me using a catchmoon even if the dispo get nerf to the ground but cyanex ?!!!
  4. i tried it by myself same build ~same time 5s+ as shown on the video not sure if bug or intended guess they know better
  5. 1- ez copy the build from brozime video & find same part of tile set u can check it on your own 2- if speed is equal that jump forward near end has no effect also considering how the one in the right was behind all time then show me a test to prove me wrong
  6. of course they can always lock it but definitely a step backward on f2p direction
  7. i plan to upgrade on ssd my potato slow down alot wile optimizing cache not to say it takes ~25min
  8. Raids was the only content that required team work to progress true they was bugy sometimes (jv) but way better then dead brain eso u asking for
  9. git gud all i see only excuses from ppl who failed to understand the mechanic & team work mirage prism & trin bless were also available on other missions so its stupid to think they went nerfed just coz of raids also believe me when i say there was no meta if u have any doubts about it check zanagoth videos maybe u'll understand so how many raids did u do 3-4? wile never bothering with jv
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