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  1. Update failed Content servers are temporarily unavailable 😪
  2. same here missing the arrmor one + 4 rare which i'm gona stop grinding coz probably (should) be add as syn offering
  3. nooooooooo not today also 0.5 dispo suck
  4. Raids were the core of co-op after them everything feels so lacklustre finger crossed hope we get some good news at tennocon
  5. then why release such a broken interaction in first place (which imo is not) just to sink few catalyst and forma bundle, this getting boring and taxative u know
  6. may i get forma refund then, kinda tired of $#*! get nerfed forma wasted
  7. then kuva weapons must be properly addressed the grind + 5 forma should be worth it
  8. make it a high mr weapon something like 25+ like a goal to archive and let it be
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