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  1. compared to Rob Pattinson being the next Batman this is great news
  2. did just finish watching it, would love to see suiryu vs garou
  3. maybe they'r related to the new flydolon fight mechanic, would wait to see that first
  4. chasing him throw some flying platforms then mk finisher on the ground going to eat flydolon wings this week 😋
  5. must say i kinda disagree, twitch is already enough for me
  6. did favor Jordas verdict all archwings was useful back then
  7. what makes a weapon popular ? if op then its popular simple just trying to avoid some back stab nerf
  8. make sure the dispositions are well tested so u dont have to nerf later
  9. doing the same ukko-hepit had he spawn on 3-4 run, still going hope he will show up again
  10. depends on mission lv in your case should be ~ lv 50
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