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marked for refund ? breach



so I kind of had this idea, if it was only dealing 75% of the damage then if I beach, mark for death and one hit kill this should technically wipe out the room right? because the first guy dies deals 75% of that damage to the room which all proc wisp sparks finishing them off.

nope the damage from marked for death won't proc wisp sparks, waste of resources, waste of ability slot, suggest maybe removing an infusing fill up some of the food meters or have a temporary testing helminht in the onslaught?

sad part the same weapon I used can just wipe out the room without needing the marked for death!


most my question(s) is

1)shouldn't marked for death proc breach sparks ?

2)will the upcoming buff make mfd worth using?

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8 minutes ago, ALIONATED said:

Who told you it was getting buffed?

I think it was on one of the livestreams, they were going to allow it up scale to 150% with strength, I got that it was nerfed pretty bad but it should still be able to proc breach sparks right ?

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