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What is a stat stick?



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Stat stick is a melee weapon not used as a regular melee but rather just a holder for the mods. For this reason the base stats of the melee doesn't matter only the mods on it, rivens included. So if going for a statstick riven the melee should have high disposition for maximum effect. 

There are some melee mods that don't apply to statsticks. 

Some examples for khora statstick are

Condition overload 


Attack speed

Faction damage etc. 



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Two main uses:

  1. Stick set mods on an equipped sentinel weapon, so you get set effects without wasting slots on your weapons (eg Vigilante, Gladiator ).
  2. Certain ability scales off most of the mods on your weapon, mostly exalted abilities like Gara's lash, Khora's whipclaw, Atlas' punch, ect. In this case, early all mods except Condition_Overload and speed and duration mods will contribute and scale off the abilities base stats; combo will effect them too, but, not to the same extent it effect heavy attacks, though Bloodrush and Weeping_Wounds will still dull contribute.
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