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Double Punch Through Mod Bonuses


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Ok, not necessarily double, or double in all cases.  But increase Punch Through mod bonuses significantly.  Innate weapon Punch Through should also be reviewed.  And the reduced velocity that results on projectile weapons should be cut back.

Basically this would be a large benefit for ranged weapons, tending to favor "single target" weapons over AoE, dramatically increasing their potential to deal with hordes in a game that is pretty close to a horde shooter.  And unlike a lot of proposals to address this, it's exceedingly simple.   (I'm not claiming that it could fix the situation, only that it would improve it.)

The main drawback for me is it would make things even a little more cartoonish.   But that's basically ok in context of the game we already have.  And we'd still have the option of underclocking or not fitting PT mods at all.

A secondary drawback is it might call for some individual rebalancing on weapons that are already quite strong, but again, that seems minor compared to the benefit.

What do yall think?


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8 minutes ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

I think many of the Punch Thru mods just aren't worth sacrificing a mod slot.

Primed/Shred is an exception since fire rate can be useful on some weapons, then the puchtru becomes a nice bonus.

Perhaps if more combined Punchthru+OtherStat mods existed, that would be nice. For Secondaries especially....


For me it's more uncommon  -not- to fit them. The exceptions are mostly AoE weapons, weapons with inherent PT, or boss fights.

I do agree that adding more dual stat mods is another way of accomplishing the same goal though.  But as long they don't replace straight PT mods or make them obsolete (So pretty much -not- like Metal Augur / Primed Shred) both approaches can coexist.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

Let the Straight punchthru mods (no other bonus) be Exilus?

I would have once said no way, but I'm starting to change my mind.  But weapon exilus is an intermediate/advanced feature, and I really think higher PT values would be a huge benefit for everybody, including newer players.

Another possibility:. Give a lot more weapons some amount of inherent PT.

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Punch Through, except for Shred variants, should be Exilus. But there are so many "utility" features that should be Exilus (like reload mods) that aren't.

As an Exilus it would be must-have. As it is, I find little use for Exilus slots on most weapons.

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