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Tranq Rifle improvements!?


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The Trang Rifle needs some kind of improved method of finding animals. The ping every 2 seconds doesn't help any, except for letting you know there is something relatively nearby. Getting Tags is far faster now because we can simply fly around the map with the gun scoped and get a reading; but when is comes to specific creatures, ha, good luck!

Ever try to find an Avichaea on Deimos? You literally have better chances of eye-balling it without the Tranq rifle's scope. If it's one that wasn't called using a lure, unless you're starring right at it when the reading goes off, chances are you'll never find it. Animals pulsate orange and Deimos is a nearly solid orange map. My eyes are burning and my carpal tunnel is screaming, looking for these needles in a needle stack.

When aiming, the Tranq Rifle has these arrows on the left and right side of the reticle that pulsate; can't something be done with those? We don't need something that tells us exactly where to look (because there's already something like that, with the pulsating orange glow); just something to tell us if we're looking in the right direction.

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16 hours ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

Please add in an Accessibility mode for deaf players?

Have like a little directional indicator that points where there are animals would be great. Would also be nice if the outline didn't fade out.

(Then again, kind of wish we always had outlines on enemies and friendlies considering how easily everything blends into the background. My eye sight isn't even that bad.)

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