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Wraith & Ignis Wraith.. Where's the Skin Love?


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So with the annual Day of the Dead merch dropping again and after Baro having recently brought the Towsun skin for the Wraith on PC it just dawned on me.... Where are the skins for the Wraiths? Far be it for me to ask as I don't wear syandanas, fancy colors, armor and etc. I'm basically as boring as boring gets but I do enjoy skins for weapons, frames, archwings and so on. But isn't the Ignis Wraith like one of the most popular weapons in the game and there is literally ONE skin in the game? No DotD, Nightwatch? Did I get that right? (Purple theme) Tennogen and more. Or is there some founders or secret quest from a mission that comes once every 3 years? Just wondering I guess. 

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