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Umbra Forma


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16 minutes ago, KubabHelped said:

baro should sometimes sell umbra forma

I agree; Maybe to celebrate the first people reaching MR30, he could bring the blueprint or built Umbra Forma :]


2 minutes ago, (PS4)manicmartz61 said:

I wanna know why aura forma costs 4 forma to build compared to 1 forma on umbra

As for that, the only reason why that is I can think of is due to the number of possible polarities a regular forma can give. I suppose that way it'll still cost you the same number of forma in a way, but then those 4 forma could be interchangeable, depending on how you look at it.

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I couldn't disagree more, Umbra Forma do not need to become something else you can just throw plat around to buy. 

And for those that can't make the connection it's stupid easy to get a massive number of ducats from buying prime junk with just a small handful of Plat and since the Index has such a low baseline requirement for entry there are too many noobs getting carried to get the credits they need. Trying to 'gate' it behind Baro's rotation doesn't help change that, even if they implement a Limit 1 like the Void-Signals.(Though I do find the idea of requiring a fully mastered and X forma'd Excalibur Umbra being able to earn one potentially interesting...)

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