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The Glassmaker events



To start, idk if this is the correct chat, but ok. I play warframe since 2018, however I stopped in 2019 due to PC problems and now I come back. So I have missed the firsts glassmaker events. There is a way for me to get the itens from that event??

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The "Glassmaker" is part 3 of "Nightwave" and is still running, you can get everything available in it currently although you'll probably have to do a lot of the challenges available in order to reach rank 30 before the assumed end date.

If you're talking about previous Nightwave events (Saturn Six and Emissary), just about all of their exclusive rewards will come back in Intermissions, which happen between the main events. Can't say when they'll appear, but the items definitely aren't gone forever.

The timeline of all of this is completely up in the air; Glassmaker could still go on for a few more months, leading into a long Intermission as well.

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