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Railjack Raids


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So since Railjack doesn't have much of a use other than leveling and farming resources for helminth, I thought of something for it. What this is, is like raiding a ship. 8 players in a railjack raid a capital ship of the Corpus or Grineer for supplies. It could be used for an Alliance war too by having the 8 players raid the opposing clan’s dojo for their resources and/or credits. There could also be defenses like spectors in the dojo, turrets outside, and spectors driving ships. The choice of having 8 players or 4 players per raid is you’re choice but 8 players seems like a good limit because it would be 4 in the air and 4 in the ground. In a way, it would function like the Scarlet Spear operation but the space team would be fighting off the defense while the ground team would be in the capital ship or dojo looting the resources. The ground team would arrive by either the slingshot into a random part of the dojo or ship, or when raiding a dojo, arrive by the dry docks. A way the resources could be stolen is like a mix of the survival mode and the defection mode, by having a cap of how much they can get for each period, the ground team would have a ship sorta that would send the stolen goods back to the railjack each time period. The area where they would send the stolen goods back is where they arrived from. Stealing from the capital ship or dojo would require a hack from a console then a minute or two before the resources come out in certain amounts. When the ground team wants to extract, they would get on the ship and arrive back on the railjack. The space team will have three task, clear a path for the ground team, defend the capital ship from being damaged to the point of exploding or prevent reinforcement from arriving, then retrieving the ship full of the stolen goods. The ship does not automatically go to the ship, they would shoot out then be left to the railjack to retrieve. The enemies can destroy the ship, thus destroying the stolen goods. When the ground team extracts, it should be a priority for the space team to retrieve the ship as the ground team is in the ship, if it explodes, then all the players on the ship will die. Another mechanic to keep the teams from staying too long is reinforcements, starting from boarding parties to even more capital ships or in the case of dojos, a squad of players in a railjack. The boarding parties will function the same when boarding the railjack but when boarding the capital ship, they’ll spawn as higher level than the current enemies. The more the squad progress, the more boarding parties try to get past. When a capital ship arrives, it’ll function the same as it does in railjack. A party will have to board to take out the captain. The capital ship will provide a armor boost to all ships. When a dojo is being raided, the Alliance will be notified by the navigation console flashing red showing the dojo being raided. Should the player decided to come alone, they’ll arrive in their orbiter and immediately board the dojo, should the players squad up and come in a railjack, the raiding teams will get a warning of their coming but not of how many. Up to four can come, but this is up to choice, multiple railjacks can arrive at the same time, to put more pressure on the raiding team to leave. The defending team’s objective is to intercept the resource ships or destroy them and destroy the raiding party’s railjack. If the defense is victorious, the railjack is put into cooldown and the squad will be given the opportunity to immediately raid the opposition’s dojo, the opposition will be given an alert when the first resource ship is retrieved. If the raiding party is victorious then they’ll get away with the stolen supplies, the dojo being damage and their defense damaged, but the same dojo can’t be raided twice. Some abilities to help out the raiding party is

 Stealth Engines - delays how long the alert is sent out

 Magnetic Dock - increases the range of retrieval for the resource ships

 Void Storage - increases the amount that can be stored in the resource ships

 These abilities also apply to the defending party, except Void Storage, but the defending party also have

 Magnetic Burst - shuts down the Enemy railjack’s systems, weapons, and shields for a short amount of time

 Home-turf - Gives a buff to defense and offense to the railjack and ground players

 Reinforcements - Activates turrets on the dojo and/or sends ally ships, sends a call for help to the alliance

  This should open up to more people using railjack and a start of a new Alliance War. Hopefully this won’t be bumped down to a simple survival on a special tile set.

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I like the idea of capital ship raiding, but unsure of how to balance Dojo raiding and that is simply because of decorations. There are many decorations that have been added to the game that act as one way gates - you can enter but not leave, even with unstuck. If this is something that only takes place in the Dry Dock - then it is less complicated than if it is a console the Dojo defenders themselves get to place. 

Other than that, if this is a massive battle style raid, then it will need the kind of dedicated server support of a Battlefield game. I think DE has the means of acquiring that given there are dedicated Conclave servers, but I don't know if they would want to support it given their anemic support of Conclave as a whole.

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