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I still hear the Necramech turning its head when I'm in the Arsenal


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On 2020-10-16 at 11:01 AM, [DE]George said:

Where are you accessing the Arsenal from?

George, pinging you because I can still hear it and I narrowed it down.

I head to the Arsenal, then to the Vehicles Tab and select the Upgrade option of anything that is not the Heavy Weapon, when looking at the mods, stop and listen: you can hear the Mech turning its head.

I believe you can hear it because the Upgrade screen brings the camera closer to the sound's range. When just putting your cursor over the Mech itself, you dont hear it, but when you select the Upgrade option, the camera pans closer and the sound effect is heard. And this happens when looking at Archwing, Archgun (non-heavy weapon), ArchMelee and K-Drive Upgrade screens.


I can also hear it in any Upgrade screen while in the Simulacrum.

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