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Can Chroma prime work outside of big game hunts?



I really like how chroma prime looks like, but I never really used it because back when I got him, he was one trick pony, just kill eidolons kill eidolons kill eidolons, than I had big break from playing and returning back im looking for frame to kinda focus a bit at least for now, I havent even fully finished star chart and I wondered how is chroma outside his hunting role these days? Is it worthy to use him or should I just stick with redesigned wukong who should be extremely good solo frame from what I heard, I just dont have his prime version.

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chroma didn't changed at all. self damage got removed so you can't cheat out his buff enymore. unless he gets a rework he is basicly "useless"
you can still play him you get gian buffs from him there's just no reason to get those kind of buff except eidolon, orb mothers, and steel path maybe

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