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Should I keep or Sell?



So I got pretty lucky yesterday and got a Kuva Nukor with 60% Electric w/ the Vengeful Charge Ephemera and was wondering like the title says should I sell it or keep it? P.S. I'm a little on the newer side of the game only MR 12 and this was my first lich ever but I have most good mods excluding all the primed mods so don't really know if I need the plat that bad. Really just need help deciding what to do...

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Haha hard call man.  

On one hand it would be worth alot of plat which you need at your MR. (and you would get to keep the ephemera)

On the other its an extremely powerful weapon and yours is already max.  The powerful weapon part is important but I also wanna emphasize how important a max bonus is.  Usually you would have to farm 4-5+ of the same kuva weapon to get max bonus.  Keeping this weapon would let you skip all that!! 

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