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Riven Pricing PS4



Greetings tenno.

I have questions regarding rivens on PS4.  I have no expertise in the field of riven trading. Here are my questions:

1)How much do these mods go for(bare minimum):

Amprex rolled 2x: +Crit dmg, Reload speed, Fire rate

Athodai unrolled: -recoil +heat

Dread rolled4x: +Projectile speed, Crit chance,slash

Fulmin unrolled: Damage to corpus, multishot

Karyst unrolled: +status duration, additional combo chance, status chance, - crit chance

War unrolled: +damage to grineer, combo duration


2) What is the best approach to rivens? Reroll or not? 

Any tips regarding this issue will be appreciated

Thank you in advance

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It's a complicated issue that takes experience. 

It's like any economy with peaks and lulls based on what's happening, new, or popular, with some niche stuff on the side. For a recent example: basically no one cared about the Guandao or Zakti, but since the Prime info released....people wanted to buy Guandao rivens for 100 to 300 plat. Before you could buy a regular roll that wasn't special for like 20 to 50 plat. People also tried to sell these rivens for 500 to 1000 because theres a massive demand now and you never know what someone will pay. We just had a Platinum sale for the first time in a year as well so you never know if people have extra plat to spend as well. They'd probably wanna be cheap though anyways.

Rivens with Crit chance, crit damage, damage, and multishot, toxin or cold to make viral are always popular. 

The fulmin, dread, and amprex are popular just for being good weapons, so those will sell, but since they're not "good rolls" with the combination i just said above, they won't sell for a lot. 

People either want to buy the good roll outright for a lot of plat, or they want to buy it regardless of roll because they're gonna roll it their self anyways and try to get lucky or just play around.

I would just check the riven.market or other riven website, there's a couple more, and look up a specific weapon and look at the prices to gauge. 

Always try to be aware of what's popular or "in". The athodai was just released so that may possibly be a hot item right now. Fulmin and amprex are popular as well. So link them in trade and see what offers you get, but don't sell for cheap, dont be afraid to say no thanks and wait for a better offer. 

Trade chat is notorious for cheap offers as well. Maybe even make an account on a riven website and list them there too.

Edit: I forgot the most important part: 

Rivens with the combination of good stats mentioned above along with -puncture and -impact are very good and will be expensive. -impact and -puncture make those proc less, letting stats like viral or heat etc proc more. Negatives also increase the stats of the positives, so if you have a cc,cd,ms with a -impact that's an amazing riven, but also rare. 


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