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  1. seriously these weapons takes 5 forma each to max, paracesis was fine depending upon the lore/quest whatever you call it. but for kuva liches it's too much because we are going to get more such weapons when corpus/infested lich type show up. i know forma farming can be easy for those who play often, but it's a pointless waste of valuable resource when you don't even need more than 2 forma to have your desired build for the weapons. they just milking those who like to have all mastery rank stuff maxed. hope they do something about it, although i highly doubt since people will defend this and give them a free pass :\
  2. why bother commenting if you got nothing meaningful to say
  3. CAN we please have valence tranfer/trade for PETS! for those who want to get better looking pets but already have 6-8 forma existing pet. this would really help people to go back and get better looking pets since when you are new to the game, the items needed to build kavat is too much. now that a ol players have enough resources, we can do our experimenting for better looking kavats/kubrows. PLEASE! look into this..
  4. kind of a silly debate since it comes down to personal preference. i use to remove non prime variants but now that i'm 3 years in game, with plently of resources. i keep the old ones, and sometimes i don't even bother with prime frames like i still use my normal 6 forma rhino compared to prime. no particular reason its just i dont want to bother spending forma in to it again.
  5. sorry saw your message late, if you still need a clan. let me know got a spot.
  6. all the skins are good and all but then his iron skin screws up your fashion. that's why i'm sticking with his deluxe since it has no noticeable change
  7. plague star also effect enemy spawn in plains, which might effect the fish. not sure but could be one of the possibilities
  8. only thing i hate about it is the drop rates and on top of that rng stats. it was not needed. it's only there to make you play for "better" version. now i just do what i never bothered to do. complete my pigment research in dojo since i got nothing else to grind for. tried so many RJ mission didn't get the vital mods like zekti bulkhead/ armor one so i stopped. got intrinsic maxed so no reason to bother. will give it a try after some hotfixes. they need to drop these random stat grind
  9. i started solo so my experience is different, 3.5+ years now still enjoying but don't like recent stat differing grind. hope that gets fixed. i tried to get my friends on board but they are stuck in pubg-mobile type games. i couldn't get into it since i hate pvp games since i suck at them and lose early. so they are more Stress-giving rather than giving relief. i'd say play for the lore since the story is entertaining. don't bother with grind if the reward doesn't feel worth like currently the new ephemera locked under time gated BS plus rare cache.
  10. we desperately need some bug fixes, so they still on break? just wondering
  11. it wasn't recastable? or maybe that's his 3rd? haven't used him after the orb mother fights
  12. that's naive thinking tbh, they know how the grind is and aware that those who work wont be able to grind like those who play atleast 2 hours a day. and ofcourse everyone likes to try new stuff. So that's where plat comes into play. you are not forced but the time required is too much for certain players. i'm not complaining since i can play everyday but that's for now, tomorrow i might not have such time and grind like this which have 2% drop chance and even with that you get S#&$ rng stat. you lose interest in playing the game, and atm warframe cant afford that. each day players are leaving. all i want is non rng stats grind, then they keep it however hard they want
  13. no i'm concern about how future grind with same mechanics will go. they will implement more such things if it isn't stopped right now. thus forcing you to buy plat to get good gear from someone else. ofcourse it comes down to personal experience some might be lucky and some not. also i have a feeling they might remove frame buffing/effecting rj mechanics, otherwise only few effecting rj and some not is BS game desgin
  14. will drop an invite edit : saw you're already in clan. np
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