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  1. no archgun riven should stay behind those arbitration points. which is already planned
  2. so you want all boss fight to be like phobos boss ? one bullet kill? exploiter orb is fine. yes time consuming but it's fine. not everything needs to be done under 5 mins
  3. the rewards will also come back, just like every other item in warframe. no need to change anything. the tenno who missed few weeks well it's their fault since warframe keeps posting about every update on all of their social platforms. it probably will come back as baro items after few months
  4. please dont add challenges like buidling a weapon (zaw kitguns) and using forma's. these are valuable resources and a old player like me who has everything mastered. it feels like a waste of resources if i'm forced into building something that is not required. please look into this.
  5. mastery for kdrives? and next MR TEST when?
  6. only after reaching 1000 days, you will gain access to "evergreen" rewards, and no it wont return to 0, they will continue to give mods and new weapon as future login rewards
  7. then what do you have to say about me having to wait 700 days for sigma. atleast now its better and you get the desired weapon on next 50day milestone. and i dont give a S#&$ if new players get access to zenister or sigma lol that's a stupid reason to get salty
  8. incase you missed it, it's optional. at 1000 days i don't even care about potatoes and S#&$ cuz we old players and easy grind plat in matter of few hours. also most people will choose rivens anyway. unless they want kuva and endos
  9. please look into this tennogn skin on zenistar, its not in proper sync https://forums.warframe.com/topic/996759-heavy-blade-mithra-skin-on-zenistar-misplacement/
  10. can you also fix this tennogen heavy blade skin? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/996759-heavy-blade-mithra-skin-on-zenistar-misplacement/
  11. this topic is brought several time and nothing has been done on it. i did prefer it to be brought by plat, but since its directly connected to steam can't do anything about it, for consoles it's not like that. that's why plat is used. also for people who want to look different this might make them less unique cuz everyone will have tennogen items then lol those who brought previously with money would find it unfair.
  12. pretty sure that's never, sadly. since making this skins are like jobs to this artist so they need money.
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