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  1. so you got your platinum refunded along with items? i'll be happy about that but then again it seems like some sign of fake platinum been used or something. if you are 100% sure such thing happened, then better ask the support if nothing is wrong with your account.
  2. it's not a consistent enemy spawn, even with full squad sometimes you'll have no luck and have to move around from one location to another. you can try going in and out of operator, as sometimes it acts as a trigger to some event.
  3. i personally find riven as BS and people who are heavily invested as dumb. but that's just my opinion, i understand others wanting to milk that extra 1% boost if possible. with that said, its RNG as you said, having one stat stay the same, beats the point of RNG and thus those 3k-5k BS plat prices. RIVENs ARE NOT NEEDED to get a perfectly fine build for any weapon(only stat sticks benefit the most with rivens), so i don't see any reason to make that kind of item.
  4. i doubt you got such builds from online guides, cuz these will not work. take your time to max those mods to get full potential also most players dont use prime/pressure point with condition overload. use one or the other. instead of fury i'll use bloodrush for combo dmg, while use arcane strike for speed if needed.
  5. that would be helpful, but expecting it to be implemented will take forever.. you can try few things if it's really hard for you to detect animal. - first clear any near by enemies before calling for animal. and have some enemy detection mod. using ivara is the best option for capturing animals. anyways, when you call the animal, it will appear on your minimap as enemy marker. so keep an eye on that. - you can also use tranq rifle's scanner to see the animal. not sure if it can pass through walls or something, so you can use normal scanner as well which can show you the animal. i personally use ivara sleep arrow instead of tranq shots, so it's always a perfect capture
  6. edit : i read the post as wanting extra slots for veiled riven so had to remove my comment. for weapon needing veiled riven to be present and that causing you to remove one mod. well i don't think, any challenge for those riven is so hard that you can't do them while sacrificing one mod from your weapon. i personally use the mastery fodder type weapon which dont have potato or forma for such unveiling, never had much issues.
  7. he makes good point in his first video, and surprisingly DE might have actually watched that and in previous devstream they did mention there will be a permanent notification for new players indicating them what to do next. so they would have a goal to work for. now about his second video "100 hours later it gets good" in that video he completely misses the point, i can see that he only used Excalibur in his entire playthrough which is really bad if you are trying to review warframe. we have 40+ frames now and that add's upto the fun. like playing with just one frame usually gets boring and some new player might think there is nothing to do. but the moment you try different frames you can enjoy those old missions again with new set of powers/abilities. as someone said, it's a clickbait for warframe players.. it provides nothing useful that we didnt knew already.
  8. not the game's problem if he has his own rule of not playing with public, i suggested void storms only because currently you will only find some traffic of players there in public. atleast my suggestion is possible right now than you providing some dumb logic of rank 1 to everyone which is never going to happen, so basically not helping the op in any way.
  9. incase you didn't figure out, intrinsic point has 1500 mastery. so you basically asking for buying mastery.. which will never happen. just do void storms on railjack, you will often find people. also compare to railjack first dropped, farming intrinsic is quite easy now, do long survival in railjack or do voidstorms. upto you. no shortcuts
  10. try talking to support for changing your email id for account.
  11. you will get a response through mail, and in game emblem change happens after a update to the game. idk if bugfixes/hotfix can implement that but it definitely changes in big updates if it was accepted.
  12. RJ just came 2 some years back, we had companions for longer time and ranking them up don't need much time compare to warframe ranking. few ESO zones are enough.
  13. magnetic (plus toxin) is meant for corpus faction, i dont want every element to work on every enemy type in game. then it beats the point of various combination. thing about pulling enemies together and stuff, well we have operator arcane for that. if some weapon element is capable of doing that then such arcanes become pointless.
  14. lmao stop dying then, i believe the trigger to spawn them is when you are surrounded by enemies and died couple of time. why did you buy it if it was junk? also if they were re-tradable. everyone would only care for 50%-ephemera liches. also they provide no useful support even with the best bonus liches, so why are you crying so much? don't want them to spawn? then avoid dying often.
  15. the frame is mainly targeted to support your weapon synergy. which is not my kind of gameplay so can't give more info on it. all ability when you hold, loads that element, and you can hold different ability to fuse the elements giving you corrosive/viral,etc effect for next lavos ability. his4th has condition overload like damage multiplier where more status the enemy has, more damage it will do. so its good for room clearing if you got multiple enemies in some status effect. the cooldown mechanic can be a pain. that's all i know
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