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  1. well skip it, it's for those who already have active lich. why is this even a debate? the one i had issue with was 3 forma for weekly, which they reduced to 1 forma which now is fine
  2. well the scoring for time is why some people are even doing space tbh if both are same, people would probably prefer ground (which still are majority) because for most space is buggy mess, if the number is reduced the relay wont manage to get 100 murex completion
  3. NICE! Btw can we get Valence transfer system for pets? most people get them when they are new and stick to whatever they get since they are rare, example smeeta kavat. so with transfer we can just switch our 7-8 forma'd pet with the newer looking one we want. don't see why this can't be implemented easily after how kuva weapons work
  4. would like another healing frame, so far trinity is the only best option in long runs or particular missions. i don't have any concept in mind but i think we need to think of something new in that category since all we get is damage/CC/speed-armor buff type frames
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