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  1. yes i got one from UR uranus disruption. luckily that's all it took to get atlas nuero. so i'm happy now. if there is a bonus to this then i manage to get lot of relics these past 2 days. also i have one of those warframe crashing my drivers issue randomly. so doing long missions is like taking a gamble if the game gotta play fine. which then annoys the #*!% out of you more. well that was not the point of this thread so i'm gonna leave it at that. good luck with A6 grind, hopefully future hotfix will fix this issue
  2. been grinding since atlas dropped no a6 and people selling for 30p each lol what BS. well i tried hieracon / disruption few times, seems like rng hates me or some thing.
  3. having same issue. even lowering graphic setting don't do anything. this actually makes me not want to play the game or any mission that can last more than 5mins cuz there was one time when i did those 1hr kuva survival NW and this issue happened right at the last minute. i was so frustrated. it's not our fault. the game ran perfectly fine before, it's these performance fixes they do time to time that #*!%s up the game. this is so discouraging man. edit : then i feel bad, when i'm the host and this happens. the other squad members have to deal with host migrate and some might even lose progress. feels bad since that happens to me as well
  4. I compared two ESO runs with both lens and here is the result. It's a simple and short comparison without any booster, to keep it fair. Hope it helps https://youtu.be/MY7i18iV-_0
  5. no archgun riven should stay behind those arbitration points. which is already planned
  6. so you want all boss fight to be like phobos boss ? one bullet kill? exploiter orb is fine. yes time consuming but it's fine. not everything needs to be done under 5 mins
  7. the rewards will also come back, just like every other item in warframe. no need to change anything. the tenno who missed few weeks well it's their fault since warframe keeps posting about every update on all of their social platforms. it probably will come back as baro items after few months
  8. please dont add challenges like buidling a weapon (zaw kitguns) and using forma's. these are valuable resources and a old player like me who has everything mastered. it feels like a waste of resources if i'm forced into building something that is not required. please look into this.
  9. mastery for kdrives? and next MR TEST when?
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