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  1. the reason it's so useless for people who don't care about riven is why it's annoying to have as a REWARD in first place. its BS place holder reward with no use if you're not into rivens. what's worse it's "assumed" as one of good kind of reward like endo/ credits. so it won't be going away.. highly doubt they will change it's working but hopefully some other use for it shows up.
  2. nitain before nightwave was only obtainable through alerts which were random occurring, so unless you can all the time to spare to login when ever the alert occurred, you would have no problem. but lot of players had complain that these alerts occurred when they were are job /school and miss them causing much delay in resource buidling. so compared to that nightwave is easy as you can do it whenever you want, just don't waste your cred points on pointless things like cosmetics. even reactors should be properly brought as we do get their alerts and invasion from time to time.
  3. you probably did every nitain alert possible since the game launched.. 😵
  4. by sell if you mean traded with another player then nothing can be done, check on warframe market if someone is willing to sell and buy it. no other choice, never sell any mod if you only got 1. at that particular moment that mod might feel useless, but as the game is constantly changing you may never know when such mod become crucial to a build.
  5. cosmetics are not tradable
  6. kinda silly, what can you even do with extra skin? i have purchased some "only skin" from which i regret kinda, not to the point i'll rebuy since it's waste of plat. while purchasing only skin from bundle first make sure that the rest of items don't even interest you one bit, cuz as you experienced you would be just wasting plat.
  7. all these new mining resources become irrelevant after 2 months of introduction. once we build every item posible with them, there is no point in farming them, plains resources are good example atm, new items have no requirement for them. same with orb vallis unless some event drops related to it. since necralisk is new we still getting new items requiring their resources but lets be honest doing those requiem tower is easy way to get those resources.
  8. most augments feel that way, wisp is not the first. atleast it's somewhat helpful rather than having it act as enemy radar in saryn's case (just example)
  9. its not that easy, console and pc have different economic structure. in pc plat grinding is quick, but can't buy tennogen skin with that. now if you take that save with "PC generated plat" then access your save on console and buy various tennogen skins then go back to PC and use those skins, you basically killing the money source for creators. this is just one of the issue from your solution.
  10. it should already be in your inventory regardless if you own a rhino or not. just contact the support. don't worry too much. none of us forum members can help you with this.
  11. in main forums page you will see "support desk" go to the appropriate section and post your complain, someone from DE will contact you
  12. it's glitching quite badly, someone can use to show others how bad the game is and which potentially take away new players interests. there are lot of such business practices
  13. if you had team mates it would have maxed i believe, i just do random ESO and it easily maxes companion, i put no attack mods since they will just go far away and die.
  14. tilesets could get a rework but i don't think it's important, jupiter as an example. they took quite a long time for that. it looks amazing but all that effort could have been put into new quests or something. tile sets are fun to look at for couple of missions then is just same old
  15. vor is done, there is nothing revolving him for future aspect of the game, so why bother on pointless stuff
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