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  1. highly doubt the prices will go back to previous ones, since just like above comments suggesting to keep them for later, bunch of other players are thinking the same including me. but i didn't grind for arcanes to sell it's just i had extra points after getting all i needed so got some energizes. your best option would be fortuna / operator arcanes. those are always in demand and has steady price and can fetch you decent price on everyday basis
  2. mine resources and formas are the only concern for me. should just have 100x mine bp thing tbh its painful to do 10 at a time. health and energy already got x100 so its alright for now takes couple minutes i believe
  3. should be set? where? something is stopping you from using this? sorry your topic is not properly explained
  4. easy fix would be to just get another nezha prime, shouldn't be hard to farm. or you can wait for years for this to happen, which i doubt since helminth is already a "done and finished" part of warframe now
  5. so waste another forma for different configs? sounds stupid tbh
  6. was reading seriously.. until it started sounding silly. all i can say is when playing public there is no rule to how players should play. most players just come for farming affinity for 5-10 waves thus they are AFK. no body enters a public mission for long runs, form a squad for that. simple
  7. from what you wrote in opening post, seems like void fissure bonus effect you gain for 2 minutes. the SP run some guy did could be using an Electric ephemera on his frame, which constantly gives off electric visual effects. this is obtainable from kuva liches, its quite RNG heavy and also accessible after WAR WITHIN quest
  8. not sure about squad since it makes the bounties have extra objectives, so its pointless if you can solo it. but if i recall i can directly start arcana bounties from deimos after you completed the normal iso bounty at least ones. just go to the specific tier of mother to activate it. t2andt3 mother alternates for me sometimes, not sure if thats a bug or something
  9. hema gives more (clan)affinity for that reason i believe. this issue was hot topic when it first came, so even after 2+ years they didn't care and now they wont even look at it. work on it if you are desperate or just buy from market
  10. frost. people often complain about limbo but tbh i barely even find a random limbo fu-king up the mission. well maybe i'm lucky. but frost needs it since i havent even equip that frame for past 2+ years.
  11. Dauggie

    Redo 2020

    yep lets kill the reason players actually get back in game when NEW content is available to play. it doesn't matter bugged or not, if there is something new players will come back. otherwise there is literally no reason to come back unless you got incomplete things to finish. posts like this are nothing new tbh, every 2 months you will find such posts.
  12. pointless complaining based on personal limitations on gameplay, but okay i guess.
  13. its almost as if elite sanctuary onslaught doesn't exist
  14. guess you missed all the discussion when helminth was first introduced(talked about).. in short, don't waste your time and go read those posts
  15. why would you even do something so pointless? other than some riven challenge there is no reason to do this. and if you want damage boost then go use the wall latch arcane, i believe it gives damage boost something.
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