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  1. fast travel works to get to key locations in dojo, what are they getting confused for? anyways use teleporter right next to where they spawn in clan. so that they can just teleport to various locations they want. like orokin lab, race course, dojo pvp fight
  2. guns / crew / railjack ammo supply, is managed in dry dock. also you need to build those weapons. i'll suggest doing some research on which guns you prefer as they need quite amount of resource to build
  3. my sprint is holding shift, i don't use toggle for sprint. works fine. also i don't use lavos so idk about that
  4. not sure if you are xbox player or pc, but i use to have such issue. where my game would freeze for 2 seconds and all squad would disconnect. it had to do with my GPU setting where power output would get set to default value instead of max. or a corrupt storage device. other than these two, i can't think of any other issue unless your router or internet has something to do with it, but i highly doubt that's the case since that's easy to detect
  5. remote observer was the pre captura way of getting some different angle videos, now that is not required. that's why you see it rarely used or even heard of.
  6. just host, those who lag will leave. you enjoy yourself some clean lag free experience
  7. you can change your crosshair color, maybe you forgot to scroll to see more settings. idk about RJ but normal mission crosshair color do change, i have set mine to green
  8. the farm overall is terrible, first unlock entire start chat then farm arbitration mode for vitus essense. when he first came, it was alteast easy to taxi with other players but now it will be hard to find those. there are frames like octavia that can still make it do-able solo. now with helminth introduced, it can further help. still i wont re-run them, will wait for grendal prime in future to toss my current fodder grendel for subsume
  9. your grindy didn't register feels more like you didn't perform it enough to get 50 points, only then it will count. i completed that quest in 1 hour or so, even less and i'm not even a leaderboard ranker like you. grind is gonna keep increasing for them to keep the game stat show increase engagement in games. you didn't have such grind before because there was no cetus/fortuna/railjack before, so no fishing/mining/RJholokeys to increase grind back then. if the game stayed the same, then it would have actions of "same things.. give us something new". which do happens even now but then they cry how new thing is grindy
  10. they do work but the duration is reduced for them, also after 2-3 attempts they will not be affected, so its better to take advantage of first time magnetize on lich/sister. don't just randomly spam it, use it when you have proper line of sight, good amount of ammo in magzine, squad mates are avaliable to assist. ofcourse a Rank 2-3 lick/sisters are paper and don't even need magnetize. mesa is enough for them for cheesing
  11. no, holokeys are end mission reward, you just have to complete that mission. but opening relics is just a common sense thing to get extra rewards since you are going to collect 10 traces anyway.
  12. invisible frames help, just hotkey your fishing gear, and then its easy to switch between them to use abilities or spear
  13. they do drop, i never had to build it since they come prebuilt after sister kill, but i do noticed some head bp or it could be something similar. haven't checked legs, but see if he has those bps
  14. only idiots care about that stats. if someone is bothering you about that info about you, just ignore them
  15. they bring new relics for (mostly)each unvault which get vaulted in 2 months, it would be a hassle, as they do sometimes return those same relics back in game. for now the easy way to detect would be see what warframe part it drops and judge accordingly if that frame is vaulted or not.
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