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  1. im confused about why are you grinding a syndicate when you can just trade.. i rather grind plat then redo my syndicates which idk feels like 1-2 weeks of time even though i'm LR1. and for sigils, they should provide the option in navigation or whatever, where you can select "active syndicate" which works just like sigil. with this players can now actually use proper sigils for front and back, instead of forcing us to put syndicate ones for standings.
  2. even tho they announced it, it will take quite some time. even during tennocon they were scared of it not working so obviously it was not a proper build but just a test demo. so rest of the stuff you mentioned is already covered by other posts, just search or google the topic if you want to discus further
  3. switching allies was a big troll, it was worse than what limbo players did. very basic troll was when you were ahead of loki for extraction or something, they will pull you back. there are moments when that would have been useful but better be gone then deal with such annoyance. also i doubt loki is getting any changes anytime soon. his kit still works. also radial disarm is just so good in basic missions where you dont want to be bother with enemies. it's better than nyx's chaos imo
  4. remember you cant feeds duplicate frames, i end up making lot of duplicates when helminth first dropped thinking i can just feed frames instead of resources to rank it up. but it will not eat duplicates so now my foundry is filled with bunch of them.
  5. you joined 2 years ago so im assuming you know their are practice rooms for mastery tests. just keep doing those until you 100% sure you got it right. i have failed a couple but it's mostly due to me being cocky thinking the test is simple. you probably thought the same and thus failed, so now i always do minimum 2 tries of practice and then go for the main event. hope you do the same. also there are countless people making guides for such tests in youtube, with easiest way possible, just pick something from them. you just have to pass the test. so don't stick to those stupid ideas like i only play with specific frame, or else i'll not play. then that's just stupid to me and can't suggest you anything more
  6. talk to support, such things can't be helped through forums
  7. sh-t.. players leaving a XP farm gamemode, after ranking up their gear.. such blasphemy!! also drops have been same since launch, you jusy got bad end of rng, that's all. even we had to grind for khora or vandal weapons. there is absolutely no reason to make grind easier for later players.
  8. lol you asking for too much, a new game mode? DE can't think anything other than Mobile defense type of missions. every mission is basically that
  9. did you not get the free rank up reward ? its basically any one item in their shop but with no cost. you can open up a support ticket if you want. you'll find it on forum's homepage
  10. i'm not a zaw user but the hype for kripath zaw were because of their ability to equip the arcanes, those arcane use to do crazy dmg, which got nerfed over time but still are usable. try using the zaw with the arcanes in plauge star rewards, it's called contagia something.
  11. the drone itself is a buggy mess, this tactic saves time and doesn't break anything in game. if not for this, the drone location can be 1k+m sometimes, and just think of making the drone travel without any external help, that's waste of 2-3minute or more if there is no straight path.
  12. just build a new frame if you want that cyst... it won't appear again on frame that you had previously removed the cyst
  13. applying any polarity on forma'd slot should have been the normal form the start. it's such BS when one config gets effected by other cuz of polarity. universal slot forma could become a thing in future as that seems like the only kind of forma left to come to existence with all these other forma we got
  14. people care about dumb sh-t like this? also old reward screen was so much better
  15. so far only content creator partner had the right to put their custom glyph in the game, can't think of a way to let normal players do that, otherwise everyone would be having their own personal glyphs which would make DE selling their glyphs in market kind of useless
  16. try restarting the game, what else is there to do? maybe server was not responding or some sh-t when you were in arsenal. try after some time
  17. where do you think most plat go into? it's one of the most plat invested resource. so it's a revenue generating thing for DE, it's stupid to make it free also they do provide free slots from time to time like nightwave rewards or free weapons/frames which come with their own slots, so you can sell those weapons/frame if not needed and still keep that slot.
  18. in general kdrive is no fun, if it was not giving any mastery, i would have never touched it
  19. are those 2-3k standings that rare to get? just do one bounty you'll get unvaulted relics and stuff..
  20. so you missed 25-30% of entire game content.. have fun grinding and learning new things.
  21. maybe try using energy color that's more transparent, i barely notice it. since mine is light pink or some sh!t, i don't use her much
  22. just fking rank some sh-t up.. and quit that b-tching
  23. simulation is a thing of cephalon simaris.. incase you forgot that's why we have MASTERY RANK TESTS in relay and not in dojo
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