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I got banned for no reason on warframe


All I did was login redeemed the breast cancer code got a 25% off then tried to use it then it said authentication error so I reloaded and boom banned till 2035 and I've got 15,155 plat on the account plus I'm on ps4 I wasn't hacking or exploitingany and would never but yet still i got banned!!!!!! 


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There is nothing we (the players) can do, you'll need to contact the support.

This is an issue between you and DE, so you won't get any "official" response here.


Q: I’m concerned about an in-game ban or suspension. Who should I speak to?

A: All in-game bans and suspensions are handled by our Support Team. If you would like clarification about an in-game ban or suspension, please make a Support ticket and a member of our team will review the reason for the penalty with you. They might not lift the penalty if you broke any of our rules. You can make a Support ticket here.

 Here are links to the documents our Support team uses to moderate:

- https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/

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