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Nightwave Act 5 Nihil Puzzle Glitching

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As the title says, the puzzle you have to go through right before the Nihil fight is seriously glitched.

Basically what happens is that every time I earn enough resonance to get to the fight arena area, the clues are constantly bugging out. Notable bugs include 2 of the same clue model appearing as different options (So there's a 50/50 chance that you're screwed and are going to fail through no fault of your own) and a clue being incorrect or getting mixed up with what I actually have as evidence (I have the dagger as my weapon but ~1/2 the time the game thinks it's the wrong option and that the glaive is the correct one). 

I've wasted so far >50 resonance and never even gotten to the fight arena because the game is constantly glitching what clues I need to choose, even if I recheck all the clues it can be a *shoot (Last time I rechecked all the evidence in the area and the clues still bugged, in this case it was the aforementioned game thinking the glaive was the correct piece of evidence even though I don't have the glaive I have the dagger). 

Steps to reproduce: 

-Spend an hour in defense missions collecting glass resonance 

-Head to the Act 5 crime scene

-Optional: Double check all the evidence in the area

-Interact with Nihil's statue and enter the Weave

-Try and fail to complete the choice puzzle multiple times due to glitching models or options

Images will be posted when I get the chance.

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Ok, after collecting enough resonance to really get evidence, I was able to get the duplicate model glitch to randomly appear. And guess what? It happened twice. (The screenshots below were taken on 2 different occasions)

For reference, my piece of evidence is the empty model, but both of the models are appearing to be full. And yes, I did fail both tries and lost 10 resonance. 


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