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Magnetize explosion damage, projectile or not?



I find myself caring more lately about room clearing with the explosion, rather than focusing on killing what's inside. Everything inside dies fast no matter what weapon you use.

The wiki states: "Additionally, the field absorbs 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% of the damage from all redirected projectiles, bullets and Polarize shards. "

What is a "bullet"? Does the field absorb non projectile based weapon damage for the explosion? If I have a non-projectile weapon that does 100k damage a shot, will it absorb 25k of that each shot? Or, do non-projectile based weapons do pretty much nothing?

Currently I use a maxed stat stick Kuva drakgoon. Spam a clip into it, press 2 to denotate bubble. But, there are a few non-projectile weapons out there that I can get a LOT more straight damage with. For the purposes of just loading pure damage into the bubble, I would definitely prefer to use them.

TLDR: Do non projectile weapons add to magnetize explosion damage?


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