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Gamebreaking bug in Iso vaults. Unable to seal 5th fissure


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Happened here too.

I was running T3 vault bounties, completed one bounty, started a second bounty and the first stage was the mist fissure. Activated the nearest rift and killed the spawns but it never sealed. The timer ran out and I repeated about four times with the same fissure and a different one. They both failed to seal each time after eliminating enemies and the timer reached 00:00.

I aborted the bounty, returning to the surface, and looked for a thread on this bug. One suggested waiting until the timer reaches 01:16 before killing the spawns to allow them to finished spawning. I started a new T3 vault bounty and it continued to fail to seal the fissures. I restarted the bounty at least three times and they never sealed.

I've had no problem so far with the mist fissure on T2 or the T1 vault bounty.


Edit: the failed to seal fissure issue only occurred in what I think is Vault Variant E on the wiki. The long single room with a balcony and jump pad on both ends and staircases going up three levels with lower roof tunnels leading in and out of the room on the lower and mid areas.

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Happened to me too, just now.

Happened on the third consecutive run of a T2 bounty.
I wasn`t able to close any fissure, despite killing the big marked enemy that appears after using the container on the fissure and any enemies that spawned after that. 
Vault was centered around the new "miniboss". I did the "bossfight", before starting the bounty, but that didn`t impact any of the other bounty - missions. 
Will try the advice from the poster above me and wait for all enemies to spawn in the future.

Edit: Did the exact same Vault again. Same placement of the fissures. 
No problems this time.

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Happens to me every single time. I get around it by waiting until the timer gets in the red and the floating head warns me of power loss before I interact with a fissure. Then I wait until everything spawns and the floating head stops talking before I kill everything...


It's infuriating, and does not work every time, so you have to wait out the timer and try again multiple times on some fissures, but you will complete the mission eventually if you use my method. It hasn't failed me yet. It adds at least 10 minutes to every run, and it makes me question why I'm even playing this game, but it's still faster than starting the run over and praying it doesn't happen the next time (which in my case, happens every time).

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