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Request for DE to Request from Valve/Steam: 'Most Recently Updated' Search Option in the Workshop


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While I do have some certain types of grievances related to the fashion of which the Steam Workshop is setup for Warframe TennoGen, one thing that mainly bothered me was seeing updated or resubmitted TennoGen items within the Workshop. Usually, it's hard to find these, and can mostly only be seen unless it's through an alternate source such as social media or even on these Forums. Some artists use a different option of simply making a new submission of their new version. It's definitely convenient in that way, but it can cause someone's past work to be flooded with old and outdated versions whose new ones are already in the game.

It's not exactly conventional, since I feel like the Workshop itself should provide a way for both players, artists, and even DE to keep track of items.

That's why I hope that DE could possibly reach out to Valve or Steam to see if they could update their Workshop search engine, or allow for a different one within Warframe's, in order to allow a new search filter to be added. It would be similar to how 'Most Popular' has a Time filter, 'Most Recent' could also use one in regards that splits it into: 'Posted' and 'Updated'. I feel like it should be self-explanatory for what each function offers.

I have seen cases in which Steam is willing to allow betas and access to unreleased programs to specific developers as long as they willing to work with the faults of it, and I feel like TennoGen could benefit greatly from something as simple as a feature such as that, or even more of them if Steam gives enough leeway.

(P.S. The new item tags from the recent TennoGen Expansion haven't been added yet. Just wanted to add this as a reminder.)

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1 hour ago, Goosmo said:

This would also make the job easier for DE's artists in charge of tennogen, when they do reviews.

I would imagine that DE should have some way to keep track of any updates that happen through TennoGen already, but it would definitely make the process more direct and simple.

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Well, this may be an unexpected update or "necro" to this thread, but it seems like the feature got added to the Workshop (not just for Warframe mind you, but still):


I wonder if this was just a solo-decision made by Valve, or perchance one made by DE. Either way, pretty neat and useful. Just kinda wished it also showed recently submitted items alongside the updated ones, but it works well as it is.

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It's Valve. They actually care about improving the experience and Steams features, they understand that happier customers (and customers who can find what they are looking for) are "spendier" customers. They've done a ton of improvements in the past 2 years, both on the steam site and the client. Controller support is just huuuugely improved in the past years, specially for anyone not using a MS XBOX controller. Don't even need my old PS3->XB360 emulation utility any more for any game on steam, just use it out of habit.
Really done a great job with that, can even have per-game axis curve adjustments, which is really useful since almost no two games have the same needs.

Try getting that kind of thing on Origin (EA) or Epics store... they are barely more than a converted phone webstore-app with a crude anti-piracy server, attached to a CDN for game downloads.
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11 hours ago, Morteno said:

Try getting that kind of thing on Origin (EA) or Epics store...

I really wish steam worked for me like Epic stores does... steam for me is a mess. Download speed capped at 10mbps and not even their support know how to fix it :/

While on Epic store I get my full speed all the time, 90mbps.

Just annyoing to wait 10 hours to download something on steam... while I can download the same thing in minutes using Epic games.

Basically... no tennogen for me.

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