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Spectral Scream: Almost There


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After playing around with Chroma's new changes, namely his Spectral Scream, I've found myself enjoying using him far, far more.  HOWEVER, I still think that Chroma's 1, Spectral Scream, still needs one simple change and it'll be perfect.  

Let us use melee weapons while channeling it.

Think about it.  It would make Chroma far more versatile, and open up a ton of new builds with melee weapons.  His ability now to switch between elements would make it all the more enticing to play with.   I get it that we shouldn't be able to use ranged weapons with the thing, but melee weapons?  It looks and feels perfect as I've found, after encountering a bug in a mission that allowed me to melee quick attack with Spectral Scream active.  It just felt RIGHT.  Please make this officially sanctioned, DE, I think it would be the perfect finishing touch on an ability that has always been cool to use but far too niche in its use.

Thanks for reading!

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1 minute ago, NuclearCoffeePot said:

I for one think spectral scream needs a better angle, the hitbox always felt off to me and it always prevents me from using it. 

Personally, I haven't found much of an issue since the changes, since the damage now chains between enemies in a pretty decent AoE, even with 100% range.  It's a great ability for priming enemies with status, and with the changes I can now even kill endgame enemies with it with the right build. It's not optimal but it's super fun.

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