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The Prothean-Orokin Conflict (Something for a Warframe/Mass Effect Crossover)


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I'm working on a Warframe/Mass Effect crossover fanfiction while waiting for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but I'd like some ideas for something that brings the two universes together in a kind of prequel: The Prothean-Orokin Conflict. This is what I have down so far on it:


Not long after the Old War came to an end, the Protheans who had witnessed the effectiveness of the Warframe/Tenno when one Railjack containing four Tenno got "a bit turned around" and ended up in a battlefield for the Metacon War, pays a "visit" to the Orokin. While they are impressed with many aspects of the Orokin Culture, they find many things they don't like about it. Ballas, however, notices the strange light in their eyes every time they look at/stare at the Tenno. When the Protheans make their "offer" to join their Empire, the Orokin's choice is:


"Seven hands raised. Your offer is rejected."


While that alone was surprising, Ballas tasks the Tenno to obtain details on the Mass Effect drive, which they do. Then the galaxy gets caught in a power struggle between the two empires which can be best described as a "long Cold War with several 'Hot Wars' flaring up every now and then". 


In order to find out more about the Warframes and their powers, The Protheans create a scientific "Secret Society" called the Order of the Fifth Eye to find out more about the Void.


After several "hot wars", the Orokin prove themselves worthy of remaining separate from the Protheans, so a special conference is held at the Citadel to discuss terms for both empires. But this was never to be since this is the time where the Reapers attack.


In a desperate act during the conflict, the Protheans travel to the Origin System to request aid, but Orokin Civilization has already collapsed.




Other than that, I need more ideas to put in while I wait. I promise, if you have good ideas on the Prothean-Orokin Conflict, you will be mentioned.

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Mass Effect and Warframe are set in very different time periods. 


In such a fanfiction as yours, the events of the Orokin could take place far after the events of Mass Effect and the destruction of the relays.

I think the most illogical approach to this would be to assume Protheans and Orokin existed at the same time considering Protheans were extinct long before the events of Mass Effect.


Orokin exist in the far future.

Protheans existed in the far past.


Why would they interact with one another unless time travel were involved (good luck wrangling time travel paradoxes)

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I'm pretty sure that Reaper Harvests can erase most evidence of conflicts, whether between themselves and their targets, or between their targets themselves. The primary idea for the Orokin-Prothean Conflict is that:

Orokin: We embrace individuality, the Protheans fear it.

Protheans: They oppress the common folk to keep their gilded lifestyle.

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