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question regarding a mausolon riven



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10 minutes ago, anguelwyvern said:

ok basicly, i got a mausolon riven, but when i asked my clan, i got 2 type of answear

"its god" and "worthless"

The people telling you the first are seeing CC and CD on the riven and not thinking beyond how good those stats are for the weapon.  The second answer comes from seeing the weapon has a minimum 0.5 disposition which makes the values on the stats tiny.  For a minimum disposition weapon you REALLY want a 2 positive/1 negative stats roll to make the riven worth using instead of some other mod.  Because remember to use this riven you are NOT using some other mod, like a 120% elemental or fire rate or what ever.

Personally I'd hang on to the riven to see if the disposition is increased over time.  But the weapon is super popular and powerful to no end so maybe that isn't very likely.

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42 minutes ago, McCIoud said:

the punch through is actually a negative, as you want it to explode on contact, not to go through and not explode.

Unless with the fix that causes the splash to now stagger you changed this, both modes of the Mausolon are the only projectile that explode on first contact instead of last. So punch through isn't a negative, and can even be good if you like it.

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