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Operation: Orphix Venom - Complaint Father Points exchange

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Hi all,

Failry new to the game. Opeation Orphix Venom was the 1st ever event I participated in.

I was not aware nor is it stated anywhere that the ability to exchange the operation points for items with father would dissapear right after the event finished. I took for granted that we would be able to exchange our points with father for sometime after. 

At the end of the event I had accumulated around 18,000 Phasic Cells and was not able to log in prior to the event finishing thus I have not been able to exchange my Cells for arcanes. 

I feel some what disappointed and irritated that this was no stated anywhere: that we had to exchange our Phasic Cells before the event ended other wise we would be unble to use them.

It would be great if the developers could warn about this clearly or give X amount of time after the event ends to exchange your earned points for the items father offered.

Not happy at all. I cannot find anywhere on the dev notes or wiki that the exchange of points for stuff would end at the same time as the event.



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I feel the same way, logged in today to find thousands of useless cells...fml  For some reason I thought we had until the 24th like the nightwave...especially when it still shows your cells in the alerts window.

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Even if this event is run again, this is really not ok, I think we should have gotten a heads-up. I'm still sitting on a lot of currency because I forgot the event ended yesterday - and with a lot I mean over 20K. Pretty bummed right now 😧


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I really cant see any good reason not to keep the phasic cell to reward shop open longer, since there's no way to get more phasic cells, the only difference it would make is for people who happened to miss the important fact that the shop is closing, and punishing those with the inability to enjoy the fruits of hours of work is harsh and arbitrary.

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