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  1. I wonder "who will ban rogue warlords"?
  2. As a strech you could say that the conversation is undone when lich is told to serve another, so it falls back to its base behavior, but instead its obsessive about you. Thinking about it your enemy you been chasing, makes friends with you and you finally accepted then turns around to say that the friendship is now over and you should hangout with his accquince who you consider an enemy. Liches arent slave to be bought and sold especially the grineer.
  3. It wasnt "just" usage, the overall strength of the power was considered. DE has stated they modified them after testing them.
  4. Motes the starter amp, you can buy it separately. You dont even have to buy individual components.
  5. I believe if your 2nd weapon is higher it becomes that, if lower it uses a formula to increase value.
  6. I believe it only affect resources dropped by enemies, double resource booster is better and more reliable on RJ resource farming.
  7. Yes, and can you call those who's got access to operators new players. To think about it, any New content is a content island, could you describe a none content island content.
  8. Best to put your suggestions in the main xaku changes 2 workshop.
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