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  1. Multishot might be causing this, try removing Multishot mods off.
  2. Can you state where your info is from. All demolyst and their variants follow the same rules. DE hasn't stated that there different rules for different factions in distruption. Its logical to presume that the enemy unit that destroy the nodes have the same ability resistances and immunitys as demolysts. If you believe differently please prove it. The syncarium may not apply the ability resistance and immunity on base model.
  3. Trolls never give the plat in the end. Suspension normally last 3 to 7 days. Normal matchmaking unaffected.
  4. You can request DE to delete your current account if you want to start fresh. But in a game like warframe its considered a dumb move. Since the game doesn't character lock you. Another alternative is to create an alt psn account and use that instead.
  5. Try switching region to North America, its more populated there. Also expect a decrease when a game like Borderlands 3 comes out, it takes awhile for players to return to play warframe.
  6. Rng is varible could be 2 in 100, but it could be said thats it is 20 in 1000 or 200 in 10000. All 3 are 2%. Keep ont trying and may Rng be with you.
  7. Go to support to find your clan key, question now can you enter clans dojo or not?
  8. Unlikely is the answer, the real question can you activate the same nintendo account on 2 switchs. Search forum as someone already asked the same question with same title as you have.
  9. They mentioned changing the unvaulting system, it may have something to do with upcoming changes.
  10. Not sure your meanig, your name has ps4 tag but you mention xbox and access to discord which is PC?
  11. Its widely known if you actively farm 1 drop it reduces the chance of it dropping.
  12. Got mine first run it was a nightwave task, didnt notice until i got back to orbiter.
  13. Vaults can now be solo'd by equiping all keys, but you need to good/sturdy to do so.
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