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  1. Theres no crossplay or cross save. The ui audio is same as pc.
  2. Probably a chat ban, could last afew days to a few weeks. Suggest contact support desk.
  3. Note you have to uses simaris scanner equiped not normal scanners
  4. Go solo if its for a quest, the target willnt always in direct route of mission, so other players may ignore or kill the target. The simmy's scanner has a tracking feature when scoped.
  5. As mentioned you "need" to relink your account, Is the drop in your twitch inventory? Is it Claimed? If so try a mission to prompt it. or try relinking again
  6. Sometimes you may need to do a mission to prompt the servers, exactly like the quest update bug that happens. the item should be delivered when you return to orbiter.
  7. Confused with second paragraph, describes xaku abilitys in regards to infinite duration. Are you wanting that for octavia?
  8. Theres 2 issues here, first console manufacturers say no, and second it would need update sync which slows down updates.
  9. Have your friend contact support himself, I will warn you that the process may take time. Theres nothing you can do for your friend apart from emotional support.
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