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  1. Wrong section, feedback section isnt the trading section
  2. use support desk to report griefers, with your evidence. but beware they will not report back to you on the conclusion, if you havent done anything wrong in mission its unlikely they take the report against you seriously. if he said its through xbox then its a troll telling lies. xbox willnt ban you from specific games.
  3. Title is misleading, don't forget to put not a reward "from sortie"
  4. The older reward table gives out credit caches in its table, some may give a weak healing items, common mods, or small amounts of resources/endo. with your screenshot did you hover over credits it will break down the rewards a little, but the cache reward from table would be added to mission reward.
  5. looks like a credit cache mission reward
  6. I believe you need to shot the arms off now, eg Octavia's mallet will only damage core if the enemy is armless.
  7. Unfortunately the game itself isnt clear you actually received your rewards. The point OP wants is that after the mission vote and count down the leave mission option, should change to Leave squad and return to Drydock, with a note stating rewards from last mission will be saved. On return the screen should be mission success, with all rewards gotten since starting the first mission.
  8. Theres mod that reduces fire damage if you keep getting set on fire.
  9. You may need to update your option settings though.
  10. No, you install and play normally from as if you where playing from ps4.
  11. You want to fly your own RJ so bad then go solo.
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