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  1. The status rework mag got changed to be like viral on Shieldss. As in Double damage on shields.
  2. Slash was nerfed abit, it bybass armour but not shields, before it was both. In DE mind it was too op compared with its counterpart toxin.
  3. It was all a plan up to this point, to get founders to be highter MR than normal players. Really its so...So Unfair that some players are at higher MR for a few months in a pve game were others MR doesn't affect me.
  4. I believe its a straight multipler so if weapon does 100 normally then viral status makes it 200.
  5. Equip the sigil you got, and you get rep through affinity gains. There is a daily cap based on your MR.
  6. If you got their sigil your in the syndicate, you dont have enough reputation to rank up. Your pic show 0/5000 i believe. It needs to be 5000/5000. To rank up
  7. He want to change the grips after he already built it.
  8. The "general consensus" is that batch or multiple build is a good idea, but DE has yet to implement or agreed to it.
  9. Op you can combine the bramma together for better element bonus.
  10. You can use something like viral and heat, in 1 round you could proc both elements if you got pellet count and high status. I believe before only 1 status type was proc each shot.
  11. Warding grace not functioning in Railjack missions enemy fighters not slowed by power. Clanmate experience this as well.
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