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  1. No way to retrieve len on a weapon, you can replace it though
  2. Theres other was to defend a static def objective, the most effective is to stop the enemy from targeting it like garas 3rd ability or octavias 1st, and even nekros terrify is effective. In most cases the defense target gets destroyed because half the team is acting like Learoy Jenkins half way across then map.
  3. For nyx's case both Assimilate and singularity both are compatible mechanically and are a perfect combo since Nyx's build has lots of flexibility. Singularity pulls enemy close which counters assimilate slow movement and lack of parkor.
  4. Since nyx's absorb augments Assimilate and Singularity doesn't conflict mechanically, could DE allow both equiped at same time. This will improve the use considerablely.
  5. Ist the alt fire a bit trash, I'll go primary. The alt fire granade have to be manually triggered before it lands or its a dud which is a hassle.
  6. As previously mention you can only make meaningful changes in your own dojo. RJ is designed for clan and teamplay so being in a clan is needed to progress/develop the RJ. Either create a solo clan of your self or join a casual clan to use its drydock.
  7. It cannot carry over and its expired. Any that remain can only be sold for normal credits.
  8. Trying to get around banned words by using different but similar characters is also bannable.
  9. Its likely because of the terms DE has with tennogen creators, that standard DE refund politics not applicable.
  10. Sony has confirmed 99% of there ps4 games will work on ps5, A similar comitment made by microsoft with xbox series. Its unlikely that they allow tranfers between companys though. Its also unlikely that DE will make a separate next gen build as well.
  11. Both next gen consoles are backwards compatible so theres no need for transfers, unfortunately I dont see next gen consoles being allowed to transfer to pc either
  12. Many expressed the archwing combat in RJ was very redundant as only 1 archwing had abilities to survive against fighters.
  13. You do know adaptation, arcane grace and guardian needs you to be hit first to activate. You might be a little over confident with those on. As mentioned high lv Void missions have a 3x damage multiplier on enemy damage so avoiding is alway best with bombards.
  14. Slots are main things, then catalyst, reactors and forma are next. If you new, save your plat is best advive I can give.
  15. Next event will be corpus, so i believe they said corpus railjack will involve more capital ships and less open space.
  16. As mention by DE they decided to focus on team cooperation first, then they get to solo after.
  17. You cam merge/fuse to improve like taiiat said, if you want to change the element fusion can do that as well.
  18. Same on ps4 any buffs keeps stacking on every pulse
  19. Yes i think its a 30k bundle, in 1 of evergreen rotations.
  20. Hammershot increases cd by 60% so its more effective if a weapon always crit in addition to increasing status, vital sence was included in build.
  21. Keep point strike, cc over 100% can red crit. And use hammershot for cd and status
  22. There are slight variations between them(Some specific nodes always have a delicet or gallon for example), on second point all new content that different to core missions are all island content, like plains, fortuna, arena etc. For last point DE does make events to test and debug new mechanics, like scarlet spear is testing linking missions together, once its done thet can then go on to link core missions to RJ like they did at tennocon. Its likely they didnt do event for RJ is because RJ crewships need to be upgraded before a major event.
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