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More Inmersive options for more inmersive gameplay.


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hello guys. First, i think a rigth way could be an option is put some UI and HUD elements in game as diegetic elements, i mean, one example of this point is  the game "dead space" with HUD  and  UI elements in holograms and others ingame/diegetic visual elements with a toggle mechanic to show them and keep the visual space clean, (heal bars, laser to aim, munition, maps, npc popups, etc) with this you could show some exclusive info/status about warframes skills as ember, nidus, atlas, etc (actually we have many visual diegetic indicators to show actual status of  these frames skills, and if they improve this aspect maybe will not be neccesary to add those toggle mechanics for skills HUD elements), this could be a good way to make really inmmersive situations for a third person game as warframe is.

second, im not a fan to use dmg numbers in game (and i dont use them) to make my experience a bit more inmersive, i think is a good idea add some visuals or sound indicators  of critical dmg and critical types (as elemental ones)  to be conscious about these ones. 

I think all these options could be a complement for the actual ones chosing between them in the menu options (and not just turn off the hud and play blind as i do :'v).  it could make the gameplay more atractive for some potential new players from other games and for some old warframe players who really enjoy this aspect about inmersion.

thanks for your time guys !

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