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Orthos Or Galantine?



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if you won't use loki or ash,go with orthos.

Orthos has nice DPS splash damage and it has nice charge attack.

Galatine has powerful charge attack if you build it well but it has pretty low normal attack damage also it works well with loki or ash.

If you are a rhino don't go for galatine.

Edit: if you have enough patience then go for orthos prime it has everything what you need : Best DPS and awesome charge attack it has.

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A maxed reflex coil, killing blow, focus energy, rending strike and corrupted charge turn the Galatine into death on a stick.

It's very powerful.

The Orthos Prime feels much better though.

Swift and an expert cleaver.

I'd recommend the Galatine though.

Suits a heavy frame.

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Depends on your prefrences;

-Do you like slow charge attacks but in a 360 dergee angle and double damage compared to any other heavy melee weapon, go w/ the Galatine.
-Do you like fast charge attacks that do half the damage and angle of attack of the galatine, but with further reach, go with the Orthos (prime).

In the end DPS does't tell the whole story, sure Orthos (prime) has better DPS, but that doesn't matter when you can one-shot 5 enemies at a time with the galatine.

But it still mosty comes down to personal prefrence.

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Orthos is only 10 base damage higher than Galantine for regular swings. That said, it also swings far faster and can hit 5 enemies at once instead of 2. This is good for taking out normal units. Mostly light infested because of the 3x serrated blade damage the orthos deals. 


So regardless, Orthos is a better option for normal attacks. 


Galantine is better for charge attacks, but needs to be modded for charge speed in order to be worth using. It's base charge time is really long, but will yield far more damage. This is good for taking out heavies, but not as economical for taking out regular units. 


Personally I prefer the orthos prime. It's a nice balance and I find myself using it more than the galantine. Once you can stack armor piercing onto it then the damage goes way up for regular attacks. Sometimes 1 hitting any regular unit in the 40s. It also swings very fast and has a much faster charge speed than the orthos. Personally I find I do more overall DPS in a practical sense with the orthos prime. 


I see normal attacks getting S#&$ all the time, but because the orthos is serrated blade damage it has inate armor ignore and can still take out 70s~80s mobs with a few normal swings. 

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