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Feedback from a long time Inaros player.


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I have played a lot of Inaros during my time in warframe, he is my second and third most played frame (normal Inaros is second, prime is third), Why do I like Inaros so much? He is simple and to the point, gets the job done with no fussing about which I enjoy. Please note these are my thoughts and opinions, im not a game designer so if any suggested solution to any perceived problems seems off im not the be all end all and im just trying to engage with the topic in a positive manner 

This  is how I feel about his current ability set.

1. Desiccation is a good crowd control ability & provides a good source of healing to Inaros, over all this is a simple and effective ability

2. Devour I find to be often a redundant, while it can provide a lot of health back to Inaros often times the damage process is to slow to justify creating a singular sand shadow that doesn’t last very long and doesn’t achieve very much. I have found a few use cases from this ability such as pulling an enemy into the objective ring on certain Deimos missions and pulling an enemy close to the security door on kuva fortress rescue.

3. Sandstorm has a lot of potential but in its current state the ability is not very effective nor is it an engaging ability to use, which I feel is more important. (also during testing sand storm did not keep enemy's within its radius instead flinging them to the side, which I don’t recall it doing in the past, this my just be my memory failing me) the true down side of this ability how ever is it is not engaging, it slows you movement speed down to a crawl & restricts the camera movement in addition to its worst trait in my opinion you cannot do anything else while using this ability. While active this ability fully restricts you to its short list of mechanics while achieving very little in the process

4. Scarab swarm is for the most part a good ability when you include its augment, how every I do have a minor complaint about how it spreads when it is cast upon enemy's which is often clunky, inconsistent & leaves enemy's affected by it for different amounts of time.  This nit pick aside I feel this ability is over all good.


I over all enjoy Inaros passive how ever I must note it can be a bit paradoxical, as self resurrection is most achievable at lower level where it is most likely not needed and is almost impossible at higher levels where it would be most useful. How ever I do see this as an observation and am fine with its current state.


What I would change & why I would change it.

I Would not change desiccation & aside from changing the way in which scarab swarm spreads between enemy's to be more consistent these two ability's are fine in my opinion.


As for devour I would make it so when it is cast it grabs multiple enemy's in a cone pulling them to Inaros as it does now with the additional change that any damage that would be dealt to Inaros in this time is instead dealt to the enemy's under the effect of devour, accelerating the consuming process and making it possible to creature multiple sand shadows in a reasonable amount of time.  The sand shadows them selves could do with a damage bonus as they are functionally useless in most situations currently.


With sand storm I would first remove the restrictions on the camera and on the players speed of movement, perhaps more akin to cloud walker with out the element of flight, allowing the player to exit the ability by swinging melee or preforming any movement action such as bullet jumping or rolling. I would also remove the damaging element of this ability and instead have it be a pure survivability tool as in this state you are a sand storm and I feel most forms of bullets are not effective against sand storms, if you are a bullet expert feel free to chime in on this matter ;)


Inaros remains my favorite frame even if he stays unchanged, how ever as an Inaros main id like to see his kit tweaked to be more engaging for the player even if my suggestions are not the way to do that. If you have spent the time to read all this thank you for that time & I hope you can engage in his topic with a positive mindset.

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I think Inaros a very cool concept as a Tank/Support frame tho the only skills of his i ever found use to was his 1st and 4th (Without Augment).

His 1st Ability used to be able to combo with Exodia Might, buffing the total Leeched health on Finishers to 75% but DE nerfed the Arcane to give a 30% chance to grant Leech instead.

His 4th ability was great for crowd control as it made all enemies affected by it panic wile taking some damage and healing allies tho the damage was insignificant.

His 2nd and 3rd abilities for me were pretty useless and i never wasted my time casting them.

Devour hindered the player too much and took too long to kill anything with barely any benefit. Me being a Vazarin main can restore significantly more health in less time just by dashing through my frame.

Sandstorm suffered from the same problem Zephyr`s tornados had initially as it would scatter loot and enemies, Even after they fixed it so it didnt throw things around, its still a very lack luster skill in terms of utility and damage.

Changes i would make:



1 - Desiccation:
Basic funciton remains the same.

Change to Augment Mod:
Killing an enemy affected by Desiccation with a Finisher gives the player +20% Finisher Damage for 10 seconds, stacks up to 10 times.
Finisher Bonus damage and duration are affected by mods.

2 - Devour:
Traps the target in a Sand Sarcophagus that slowly consumes them, dealing 1% of the target`s health per second as damage +1% each second up to 10%. Lasts 15 seconds. Allies within 8 meters of the sarcophagus receive 50% of the damage done as Health and an absorption armor (Similar to Frost`s Avalanche Augment). Up to 2 Sarcophagus can exist at a time.
Range and Duration are affected by mods.
Absorption is affected by Power Strength.

Blasting the Sarcophagus with Desiccation instantly boost`s its damage per second to 10% but reduces its duration by 2 seconds.

3 - Sand Pit:
A replacement for Sandstorm.
Inaros creates a large pit of quicksand underneath a target enemey which slows and draws enemies towards the center wile dealing True damage per second and lasts 20 seconds. Enemies that die within the Sand have a chance to emerge at the edge as Sand Shadows that last 10 seconds.
Enemies killed with a Finisher wile in the Quicksand have a guaranteed chance of dropping a Health orb.

Enemies affected by Desiccation are drawn towards the center faster and spread the DoT of Desiccation to other enemies for the remaining of its duration.

Abrasive sand (Augment):
Enemies trapped within the sand are also afflicted with Corrosive procs every second.

4 - Scarab Swarm
Armor/Charge function remain the same.
Only changes i would make to this is double the healing range and cause the damage to increase per tick kinda like Saryn`s Spore.

Negation Swarm (Augment):
Instead of draining for every status applied, i would add a 3~5 seconds status immunity each time it occured so it didnt drain charge so fast. There are so many abilities and other gear that you can use to grant status immunity that i question my self why this skill doenst grant it by default.


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