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My forum ID is different from my game ID


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31分钟前 , Dark_Lugia 说:

Can you elaborate where you see your game ID?
And what your IDs are (/supposed to be)?

My game ID and account management ID are - SCC ZyuIX, but my forum ID is ZyuIX。

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I recently changed ID to -SCC-ZyuIX。I have not tried to cancel my account。I won't use the reply function of the forum

6分钟前 , Dark_Lugia 说:

Have you done a namechange recently?
Did you try login off (both forum and account management)?


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3分钟前 , Dark_Lugia 说:

Try logging out and in again.

- https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182160-Can-I-change-my-alias-

If that's not working, I would wait for ~24h and then try login out and in again.
And if it's still not working by then contact the support:

Thank you.I successfully changed my ID

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