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unwarranted ban

(XBOX)DdN Furious

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When I try to enter the game I get a plane of negative platinum. In the course of the game I obtained these platinum in three ways.


1- I bought it for xbox

2- I sold in-game items

3- I got it from a friend for helping him with other games.


That said, none of these forms are all incorrect by the terms of the game. So I demand an immediate response and the recovery of the account in which I invested a lot of my time and money.

Your attitude corresponds to moral damage and abuse to the consumer and if you do not correct the error, I will seek support by legal means.

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Ummm.... okay.... 

I understand why you are furious, but what you are doing here is basically shouting into a void. 

You need to contact customer support by making a proper support ticket, literally no one on the forums can help you. 

You likely sold something to someone for platinum, and that person did not have valid plat, then when DE realizes that platinum is invalid, it will all be removed from the game. That means the bad platinum in your account was removed from the game. If your balance goes negative, you are banned automatically until you fix your balance and buy more to become in the positive. 

Do I think it's "fair" not necessarily.


Is it legal? Absolutely. You have NO legal leg to stand on, and no offense but saying you will seek support by "legal means" will only end up wasting you lawyer fees at best, and I honestly don't want you to waste your money here. 

Edit: And your demanding tone will get you nowhere. You have to contact support, not post on the forums in off topic, and support is not going to unlock your account if you don't buy platinum to fix your negative balance. If you don't like that, you can contact a lawyer, but I mean this to your benefit: You will lose, you will get nothing.

Good day Sir. 

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