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TennoCon 2021 Armor (List of all bugs / issues I can find)


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Ever since I had bought the TennoCon 2021 Digital pack, I was looking forward to seeing what the armor looks like on various Warframes I own. A favorite of mine is Mirage Prime, and she does look nice with it. However, as noted later in the post the right-shoulder piece is bugged on her right shoulder; It’s raised up above the surface. This was just the tip of an Iceberg.


It took a chunk of time, but I’ve tested every single skin (Most via previewing) on many different Warframes in an effort to find every instance of issues with the TennoCon armor, and so far I’ve found roughly 20+ different cases. Some are minor, but others are more significant.


With TennoCon getting closer & closer by the day, I wanted to gather information on the armor issues asap so they can all be fixed before the event occurs. I do not own every Warframe, so if it’s alright to ask, I need your help (To anyone reading this).

  • If you own the TennoCon 2021 Armor, and have at least one of the following Warframes, please equip the Armor on that frame, and test each skin available for that Warframe, looking at their shoulders, chest and / or lower legs for an issue such as clipping, misalignment or even misplacement.

    Warframes I cannot check as of this writing (Don’t own them yet):

    Atlas,  Baruuk,  Chroma,  Ember,  Excalibur Prime (Understandably :) ),  Gara Prime,  Grendel,  Harrow,  Hydroid,  Inaros,  Ivara,  Loki Prime,  Mag Prime,  Mesa,  Nezha Prime,  Nova,  Octavia,  Octavia Prime,  Revenant,  Rhino,  Sevagoth, and Trinity.
    • Take a screenshot of the issue you found, and list the Warframe → skin name here in this thread. A brief-ish description of the issue(s) will go a long way toward rooting out the problem in that instance! If these things can be fixed before TennoCon (Or better yet, before Sisters of Parvos & Yareli), it would be pretty good.
    • One of the reasons why I need help with this report is because you cannot preview attachments on a frame you don’t own (It shows the Warframe without any form of customization in the Arsenal, etc.).


As of this writing (June 1st, 2021), these are all the issues I’m currently aware of:

(Frames are listed in Alphabetical order, with some screenshots; I don’t have screenshots of every skin currently, because that would be more examples than necessary. Some armor issues are identical across skins, such as for Equinox Prime)

1. Atlas Prime → Atlas Karst skin

  • Image here:


    The right shoulder piece can clip somewhat into this skin; The Emblem doesn’t seem to do so.




2. Equinox & Equinox Prime → Equinox Antonym skin

  • Images here:

    (Regular Equinox)


    (With Equinox Prime)


    The right shoulder piece appears to be misaligned a bit compared to the left shoulder piece. This is the case for Equinox & Equinox Prime, in any form of the skin.




3. Equinox Prime → default Prime / non-Prime skin (All forms except for non-Prime day form)

  • Images here:

    By non-Prime, I mean using the regular skin on a Prime Warframe.

    Non-Prime Day form:


    • No issues there ^ as far as I can tell!


    Non-Prime Night form:



    Non-Prime Composite form:



    Prime Day form:



    Prime Night form:



    Prime Composite form:


    Both of the TennoCon 2021 shoulder pieces are misplaced, on every Equinox skin; With the normal Equinox skin on the Prime version, the misplaced armor is not corrected; Except for that specific day form, where both shoulder pieces seem to be properly aligned.


    • The left shoulder piece of Equinox Prime’s Day form appears to be aligned better onto the shoulder compared to the right shoulder, which also shows that the left shoulder has the correct alignment.


4. Excalibur & Excalibur Umbra → Excalibur Zato skin

  • Images here:

    I'm thinking about re-taking the following screenshots with Excalibur & Umbra; I forgot to use a non-custom appearance!



    Front view with Umbra:



    Back view with Umbra:



    • The right shoulder piece is not fully placed on the shoulder (Raised up a bit), compared to both default frames’ skins when checking via Excalibur and Excalibur Umbra. Listed below, Ivara Prime has a similar issue with her right shoulder.
      • I don’t have Excalibur Prime of course, so I cannot test him for any issues. But the Zato skin may be similar there too.


5. Hydroid Prime → Hydroid Rakkam skin

  • Image here:


    The right shoulder piece is misaligned downwards compared to the left TennoCon armor piece. I only have Hydroid Prime, so I’m not currently able to test Hydroid’s skins with regular Hydroid (Since there can be differences between the regular / Prime frame with the same alt skin, as noted above).




6. Inaros Prime → default Prime skin

  • Image here:


    His default Prime skin also has a misaligned right shoulder piece in comparison to his non-Prime skin. It’s angled further down than his Prime’s left shoulder.




7. Inaros Prime → Inaros Ramses skin

  • Images here:

    Right shoulder view:


    Left shoulder view:


    Both shoulder armor pieces are not lined up evenly; The right shoulder piece is further back compared to the left shoulder piece, which is placed more forward. The right piece also clips slightly, probably due to the aforementioned reason. I might assume the right shoulder Armor is the incorrect one, but I’m not 100% sure.




8. Ivara Prime → default Prime skin

  • Image here:


    Both TennoCon shoulder pieces appear evenly, but as a result the right-shoulder piece doesn’t sit in her shoulder; It’s merely on top of her right shoulder.


    • One reason may be because she has different shoulders, so there are different heights, as far as attachments may be concerned. This also goes for her other skins, mentioned next.


9. Ivara Prime → Non-Prime skin & nearly all alt skins

  • Images here:

    Non-Prime skin:


    Similar to her Prime skin, the right shoulder piece doesn’t sit in her right shoulder.

    • The left shoulder of Ivara’s default Prime skin does have a properly-placed TennoCon armor piece, based on the size, etc. of the shoulder.


    That said, on almost all of her alt skins the left shoulder piece is raised up as well on their left shoulders, not sitting in / on the shoulder properly.

    An example:



    • The Ivara Skathi skin appears to have a properly-aligned left TennoCon shoulder piece; Her left shoulder is different there, which explains why that armor piece is where it is. There’s no clipping issues either. Although the right shoulder piece might be sitting  just outside of her right arm.
    • The other alt skins with Ivara seem to share the Armor placement, etc., so that’s why there isn’t a screenshot of everything. Her case with the TennoCon armor was a bit tricky to explain.


10. Mirage Prime → default Prime skin

  • Images here:

    (Copied from the Update 30 bug report!)

    Exhibit A:



    Emblem Projectors (Is that what they're called?) are also misplaced it seems, unless that's an intended design choice. I would've expected the Emblems to be placed / projected from the surface of the shoulders themselves rather than hovering off of them like the right-shoulder Armor piece does.



    With normal Mirage:


    The right shoulder is properly placed, but the Emblem Projectors are clearly not on her shoulders.


    Some profile angles, as another example:




    The left shoulder Armor and the rest of the set itself looks properly placed at least!


    A couple of viewpoints from the Arsenal:




    At the time I thought that would be another way to show the hovering projector.


    And last but not least, an image with the Shedu (Speaking of the Arsenal!):


    I thought of it last-second (At the time), and apparently this is the result! It almost works, but it still clips a bit. I haven't crafted the Bubonico yet, but I imagine the same could happen.


    • As of the Gara Prime update, Mirage's right shoulder is still affected with the TennoCon Armor.




11. Nekros & Nekros Prime → Nekros Irkalla skin

  • Images here:


    This skin has a misaligned right shoulder piece, compared to the left shoulder.


    Nekros Prime w/ Irkalla skin:



    • Nekros Prime appears to have a pretty similar issue with this ^ alt skin, unless I’m mistaken. Where both shoulder pieces are out of alignment with one another.


12. Nekros Prime → default Prime skin & Nekros Immortal skin

  • Images here:

    Noticed a major issue with Nekros Prime & the Nekros Immortal skin (Only via the Prime); The right-shoulder piece of the TennoCon Armor is raised very high off the shoulder, almost to the top of his head!



    Nekros Prime Immortal skin:



    • The other skins via Nekros Prime do not have this issue. It’s very similar to the first issue I found with Mirage Prime, but this is to a greater degree.


13. Nidus → Nidus Phryke skin

  • Image here:


    Has a misaligned and / or misplaced right-shoulder piece, compared to the left shoulder.




14. Nova Prime → Nova Atomica skin

  • Image here:


    There is a clipping issue with the right-shoulder TennoCon armor piece, compared to the left shoulder.




15. Rhino Prime → default Prime skin

  • Images here:

    Left shoulder view:



    Right shoulder view:


    The Armor and Emblems clip into both of his shoulders.


    • Fixing the placement of the shoulder armor should also handle the Emblem clipping issue in the screenshots, I imagine.


16. Saryn Prime → default Prime skin & all alt skins (But not her non-Prime skin)

  • Images here:

    There are differing clipping issues for both shoulders on Saryn Prime with the armor, although as noted her non-Prime skin has no clear issues.



    All of the other alt skins via her Prime frame have the same issues.

    A brief example:



    However, one skin might not:



    • The Saryn Orphid skin may have a slight clipping issue of its own with the right-shoulder piece, but I’m not certain.


17. Titania → Titania Empress skin

  • Image here:


    The right shoulder piece is misplaced; Slightly higher-up than the left shoulder piece. As a result, it clips near her neck.


    • This seems a little more noticeable via Titania Prime.


18. Titania Prime → default Prime skin, Non-Prime skin & Titania Lympharis skin

  • Images here:



    Non-Prime skin:



    Titania Prime Lympharis skin:


    Each of these skins have evenly-misplaced TennoCon shoulder pieces; They are raised up out of the shoulders, rather than being placed more into the shoulders.




19. Vauban Prime → default Prime skin & Vauban Immortal skin

  • Images here:



    Vauban Prime Immortal skin:


    Both of these skins (Only via the Prime) have clipping issues with both TennoCon 2021 Leg Plates; They’re placed into the golden parts on his knees, rather than (As an example) on the sides of his legs.


    In addition, when I looked it over a second time I noticed both shoulder plates do not sit properly on his shoulders, with either of these skins.

    A brief example:



    • Regarding Vauban Prime’s issues with the shoulder armor, depending on how that is fixed, I’m wondering if it may cause the Emblems to clip into his shoulders by moving the armor pieces inward. Perhaps the armor’s Emblem projectors can be placed a bit differently to avoid clipping?


20. Wukong Prime → default Prime skin

  • Image here:


    There is a clipping issue with his right shoulder and the TennoCon shoulder piece. His other skins do not appear to have any issues with the armor pieces.




21. Xaku → default skin

  • Image here:


    There is a clipping issue with Xaku’s right shoulder & the TennoCon shoulder piece. I think their left shoulder may not have any TennoCon armor issues, considering how Xaku is built; One arm being different from the other, etc.




22. Zephyr & Zephyr Prime → Zephyr Harrier skin

  • Images here:

    Zephyr Harrier front & side view:




    Zephyr Prime Harrier front & side view:



    This skin has identical clipping / misplacement issues with both TennoCon shoulder pieces.


    • When testing via Zephyr Prime, the clipping issues are more noticeable.



  • With the TennoCon 2021 armor, the Emblem Projectors (Not 100% sure if that’s what they’re called) don’t even touch a frame’s shoulders, which is part of why I was surprised to see them not being far out enough for a change. But perhaps that’s a design choice?
    • If so, should the small “projectors” behind the emblems be made invisible?
  • Also one last thing, coincidentally speaking;

    Volt Prime still has a misaligned right shoulder w/ Itzal Armor:   (I just wanted to get that out there too!)

    (Using the colors from Volt's Opal skin)


    All of Volt p’s skins have this issue, except for his Volt Proto skin.


    I think this bug has been in the game for quite awhile actually. But it’s the only other misalignment issue (With Armor I own overall) I’m aware of off the top of my head, so I thought it might be good to mention that too, so it could be fixed in the process of these other things.


  • The reason why I posted all of this in “Players helping Players” is because I don’t have the means to test the rest of the Warframes with the armor, so I was hoping other Tenno may be willing & able to document the rest of them here. Aside from that, if I were to post this in the Bug forums, I would be restricted to the Nintendo Switch bugs section, and I don’t believe this is only a Switch issue.


With all of that being said, I can try adding your screenshots to this main post for greater visibility of the issue if you think that would help. But as long as it’s posted in the thread here that should be good enough. I will check this thread when I can to keep up-to-date on how things are going; Thank you for hearing me out on it!

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I linked this thread back to the overall list of recent bugs I've found.
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