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[STARGAZER] An Octavia Skin


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20小时前 , TCT2019 说:

Wow, she looks AMAZING.
I'd totally get that skin, man.

Thanks for liking her <3 But unfortunately, due to the new model of her body, she can't be part of the TennoGen QwQ) She can only be a concept model~ 

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2021/6/10 PM3点07分 , keikogi 说:

This look neat. NownI wish Octavia could ride her ball. 

Sorry for the initial info about tenno gen, this is a enterely new model therefore it is not part off tenogen 

I would also love for her to be able to stand on top of the ball and just roll away. hhhhh

Thanks for the reminder mate, I know she can't participate in tennogen,

I only designed her in order to make one of the most beautiful octavia in my mind ~ that i would like~~ lol

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